Sabio creates The Definitive Guide to Selecting a Legitimate Coding Bootcamp

Sabio seeks to inform people who are researching coding bootcamps

Mar 08, 2016, 07:00 ET from Sabio

LOS ANGELES, March 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Sabio, a Los Angeles based software engineering program that empowers highly motivated and smart young adults to learn to code, has taken the bold step of publishing a guide to assist people who are interested in a coding bootcamp. The Definitive Guide to Selecting a Legitimate Coding Bootcamp, written by Sabio co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, Gregorio Rojas, aims to help bootcamp candidates identify programs that will help them prepare tor the world of software engineering so that they can maximize their time and money investment. The Guide can be found at

Some of the questions that The Definitive Guide to Selecting a Legitimate Coding Bootcamp raises include the following:

  • What are the success metrics if there are any at all?
  • If a successful outcome is a job, what does a job mean to them?
  • Are the instructors qualified to teach?
  • Do the projects or exercises of the bootcamp carry any value in the real world?
  • If the value being delivered really worth the cost?

Because of the rapid growth of coding bootcamps, there haven't been standardized audits of the coding schools sanctioned by the government or third party agencies. Therefore, guides such as the one authored by Rojas will help prospective bootcamp attendees evaluate the programs that they are considering.

"Our goal is to help inform prospective bootcamp attendees about what they should be asking and researching as they consider investing thousands of dollars and a few months of their lives to learning how to code," Rojas said.

In the two years that Sabio has been in existence, it has increased the number of bootcamp graduates by 250%, tripled the number of full-time instructors, quadrupled the number of part-time instructors, and has maintained a 91% job placement rate for its graduates.

Sabio is the only minority/women-owned and operated web developer training program in the country. Co-founder Gregorio Rojas's strong professional history working in large tech companies informs the program's web development curriculum. The project-based curriculum enables Sabio fellows to work on real-world projects to develop and refine their skills.

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