Sabzee Mediterranean Market has Plenty of Treats and No Tricks for Their Customers

While kids are inundated with sugary Halloween candies, groceries at Sabzee Mediterranean Market serve as a nutritious and tasty alternative to processed sweets.

Oct 24, 2013, 19:36 ET from Sabzee Mediterranean Market

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Los Angeles is famous throughout the globe for its diverse and culturally-rich population. Thus, it should come as no surprise that, in Sabzee Mediterranean Market, the city has its own world-class Mediterranean grocery store. Though it's long been the supermarket Encino residents trust for fresh and flavorful ethnic cuisine, the store is only now beginning to gain wide recognition for its fresh, organic ingredients from around the globe. In fact, the grocery selection at Sabzee Mediterranean Market is so diverse that it can also be considered the ideal Russian, French and even Middle Eastern food store in the region. Particularly amidst the eerie ambience and sugar-fueled fun of Halloween, Sabzee Mediterranean Market stands out as a tribute to a wholesome grocery-shopping experience for the whole family.   

Halloween can be a fun time for families to spend together. Children and adults alike find limitless joy dressing up in ghoulish or funny outfits, and of course parading through the night in search of chocolate, sour and sweet treats. While the search for colorful candies can be a lot of fun, it rarely takes long for the sugar rush to wear off and the stomach aches to begin. That's when Los Angeles families come to appreciate the dazzling array of delicious and nutritious delectable foods found at Sabzee Mediterranean Market.

Once Halloween has come and gone, the ghosts, witches and ghouls will be placed back into storage for another year. Yet, the stimulating sights and enchanting sounds of Sabzee Mediterranean Market bring a similar sense of excitement to its customers. With a diverse range of fresh, organic and natural groceries, the ethnic market brings their customers the finest cuisine from around the storied sea-boarding region and throughout Europe and Asia.

Sabzee Mediterranean Market boasts some of the most flavorful meat and seafood options found anywhere. Whether you're looking to make traditional delicacies like kebab and shwarma, or traditional Greek-style lamb chops or even an All-American hamburger, the meats at the Encino-based market are certain to sate the palate of you and your guests. Of course, the same can be said for their fresh and fragrant produce options like Longan, Mediterranean grapes, guava, passion fruit and grape leaves.

While we all may crave a Snickers, Milky Way or package of Sweet Tarts every now and then, the fact is, despite some clever marketing, these fun-size snacks are rarely satisfying. In fact, the average Halloween candy options are a very far cry from the timeless Mediterranean baked sweets like Koulourakia and mouthwatering traditional cookies made with flavorful dates or walnuts. 

This Halloween, instead of reverting back to tired pre-packaged candies that are full of chemical preservatives, treat your family to the always delicious and culturally-resonant foods at Sabzee Mediterranean Market. For more information about the weekly specials and other opportunities for savings offered by Sabzee Mediterranean Market, do not hesitate to call 818-745-1313, or visit them online by visiting today.

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