Sacramento Dentistry Group Shows How You Can Save Money by Avoiding the Emergency Room for Dentistry

Visits to emergency rooms for dental care cause tremendously higher costs over visiting the dentist. The Sacramento Dentistry Group addresses the issue and proposed solutions.

Jul 31, 2015, 15:04 ET from Sacramento Dentistry Group

SACRAMENTO, Calif., July 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Every minute, four people in the United States visit hospital emergency rooms for problems with their teeth. In certain cases, dental care is delayed so long that a minor issue like a cavity turns into a life-threatening infection. "People still die from their teeth in the U.S.," says Dr. George Kushner of the University of Louisville. The Sacramento Dentistry Group offers two solutions for this problem: prevention and availability. First, however, let's consider the cost of hospital emergency visits for dental issues.

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Calculating the Costs

Emergency room visits for dental treatment have doubled since the year 2000, with more than 2 million visits to hospitals for various ailments that are best treated in a dental chair. Each visit averages nearly $750, but most patients do not receive dental care for the money they spend. The typical sufferer is given painkillers and sedatives and then sent home to make an appointment with their dentist! Once they get to the dental office, the problem is usually so serious that there's no possibility of saving the tooth — the situation usually demands an extraction. These unfortunate emergency room visits cost the U.S. health care system over $1.6 billion annually.

Prevention and Availability

Tooth ache and raging oral infections are extremely rare for patients who make regular visits, every six months, to see their dentist at the Sacramento Dentistry Group. Most insurance plans pay 100% of the cost of dental exams and cleanings, including x-rays. Even without insurance, the cost of a semi-annual dental visit is quite low. If even that seems unaffordable, the Sacramento Dentistry Group offers special payment plans and dental memberships to make this type of care affordable even for families. Saving money in dentistry is simple: fix problems early and they cost less to fix.

Not all dental emergencies are preventable or foreseen, however, and that's where availability comes in. A two prong issue, the first part involves being there for the patient. The Sacramento Dentistry Group has a standing policy to usher emergency clients to the "front of the line." With hours throughout the work day from morning until 8 PM and Saturday availability, patients have six days where they're guaranteed the ability to see a doctor.

For some patients, however, cost or time isn't the problem. They avoid the dentist because they're afraid of the tools, sounds and sensations that go with sitting in a dental chair. For these clients too we have a solution that makes dentistry available to them. Oral conscious sedation, popularly called "sleep dentistry," takes fear out of the equation. By administering a sedative in advance of any procedure, large or small, the patient effectively "sleeps away" the treatment. Although they can respond to commands from the doctor, they have no memory of the time experienced in the chair. People who stayed away from the dentist for years use sleep dentistry to finally care for long-standing problems.

No More Excuses!

There really is no excuse for avoiding the dentist. At the Sacramento Dentistry Group, workable payment programs, dental discounts, extended hours and sedation dentistry give every patient the opportunity to maintain their oral health. People can prevent little problems from becoming big ones! Money, teeth and even lives can be saved by regular dental care with the Sacramento Dentistry Group.

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