SAE International Publishes New Book on Friction Material Development

Oct 03, 2011, 10:32 ET from SAE International

WARRENDALE, Pa., Oct. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A new book on automotive tribological composites, focusing on friction material development, is now available from SAE International.  

Author Roy Cox provides readers with a thorough presentation of the topic, beginning with the earliest work on brakes by Frood in the early 1900s and friction studies by daVinci in the 1400s. From there, details about the processes of wear and the components of tribological systems are presented. Methods of manufacturing friction materials are described, and the elements of friction material are detailed—binders, fibers, abrasives, and lubricants.

A large portion of the book delves deeply into materials for binders, resins, fibers, abrasives, lubricants, and fillers, providing background on the various materials, their pros and cons, and numerous ways they can be applied to friction systems. Much of this discussion focuses on the compositional makeup and effects of ingredients as they relate to the wear and friction performance of the final product.

Readers will gain a solid background about tribology, as well as a good understanding of matrices, fibers and additives that make up engineered tribological composites. They will learn how manufacturing affects these composites, along with how friction and wear affect those materials. They will gain a better understanding of which materials provide the optimum balance of cost, friction and wear for various applications, enabling them to better create and apply engineered tribological composites for whatever application is at hand.

Cox began his career in friction materials immediately after receiving his bachelor's degree in chemistry in 1994. He has been employed by many of the world's leading producers of friction materials during his 17 years in the friction material industry. He has been an affiliate of SAE International for 16 years. Amazed with the dearth of published information on the subject of friction material design and manufacturing, Cox began a personal journey cataloging public domain information from all aspects of available literature in the areas of tribology, wear processes, friction materials, and manufacturing techniques. The desire to compile the information into a single source led him to formalize his vast collection of personal notes into this work.

Individual chapters cover:

  • Engineered Tribological Composites
  • Friction: One Aspect of Tribology
  • Sliding Wear
  • Tribological Systems
  • Friction material manufacturing methods
  • Types of Friction Materials
  • The Five Elements of a Friction Element
  • Early Organic Binder Systems
  • Phenolic Resins
  • Modified Phenolic Resins
  • Advanced Organic Binder Systems
  • Inorganic Binder Systems
  • Organic Fiber
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Inorganic Fiber
  • Metallic Fiber
  • Abrasives
  • Solid lubricants
  • Organic Filler Materials
  • Inorganic filler materials
  • Metallic Filler Materials
  • Testing and Evaluation of Friction Materials

Book Details

Published By: SAE International
Published: December 2011
Pages: 374
Binding: Hardbound
Product Code: R-401
ISBN: 978-0-7680-3485-1
Price: $89.95 List, $71.96-$80.95 SAE Member

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