Safetek International, Inc. Announces Exclusive Distributorship Agreement for National Bio-Green Sciences and Bio-Green Crystals

Agreement Covers State of Florida and Specialty Retail Kiosk Business in Regional Malls Nationally

Nov 08, 2012, 10:53 ET from Safetek International, Inc.

BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Safetek International, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SFIN), a manufacturer and distributor of green technology and eco-friendly products, announced today the company has been named the exclusive distributor for National Bio-Green Sciences and Bio-Green Crystals in the State of Florida.

Michael J. Krantz, President of Safetek International, said, "We are pleased to announce this exclusive distributor agreement with National Bio-Green Sciences and Bio-Green Crystals.  We are excited to represent their portfolio of innovative Healthier Safe Products made from Bio Based, Organic and Nutraceutal Compounds. We are also very proud to represent products that are manufactured in the USA."

Krantz continued, "Safetek is focused on providing the safest environmentally friendliest products available on the market today to our customers. National Bio-Green Sciences and Bio-Green Crystals are certainly the leaders of this sector of the market with the products that they are developing and manufacturing."

Krantz concluded, "We are also very excited to launch these products in the Specialty Retail Kiosk in Regional Malls nationwide. Revenue growth from this sector is expected to be exponential.  There are approximately 1200 malls in the United States alone.  By capturing a small percentage of the business available through the kiosk network, Safetek would see immediate cash flow and a rapidly growing profitable revenue stream." 

About National Bio-Green Sciences

Based on more than 30 years of experience, National Bio+Green Sciences is an independent boutique producer of additives and compounds for the health and wellness sector. We research, develop and design high quality, value added, niche market and proprietary products that provide innovative solutions to the specific chemistry needs of our customers.


To develop environmentally friendly products according to the latest technical standards To exceed maximum compliance within existing governmental and health regulations To manufacture effective natural and organic products for people, pets and the planet

National Bio+Green Sciences is an active and innovative partner based in the United States that serves international customers in Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe,  Central, Latin and South America.

About Bio-Green Crystals Bio+Green Crystals - Health and Wellness Products derived from Crystal Compounds

Crystal Compounds and Additives in Water Soluble Pouches

National Bio+Green Sciences leads the industry in human and environmentally responsible product chemistry in the Health and Wellness sector. No other compounds can claim to be zero waste and non-toxic to humans under normal use. National Bio+Green Sciences research and development team is proud to offer the worlds first doctor endorsed, nutraceutical grade compounds specifically made for people. Doctors realize that under normal conditions people do not need to be bombarded with toxic chemicals, especially at home and at work. The Bio+Green Crystal is the first and only zero waste cleaning product additive on the market. Just add it to tap water and the Crystal additive will work with all the chemicals in H2O to formulate a safe non toxic cleaner. Whether you add our Crystal additives to your existing cleaning products as boosters or add them to H20 your cleaners will be better! When one weighs the enormous benefit of Bio+Green Crystals with today's demand for environmental stewardship, safety and value; Bio+Green Crystals are simply the best choice for your people, pets and the planet.

A few words from our founder...

"National Bio+Green Sciences works to help everyone who transports, warehouses, stocks, ships, sells, and uses health and wellness products reduce their environmental impact, including their carbon footprint. We are proud to buy American and manufacture all of our products in North America, supporting regional and local businesses whenever possible."

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