Sakthivel Alagappan Receives Overwhelming Support in the Malaysian General Election

Sakthivel Alagappan is running as the Kapar MIC Coordinator in the upcoming General Malaysian Election for a seat in the Malaysian Parliament, and through recent polls is shown to be gaining in the polls as well as support from voters.

May 06, 2013, 08:11 ET from Sakthivel Alagappan

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, May 6, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Sakthivel Alagappan is one of the six candidates that is running for the Kapar seat in the Malaysian Parliament, and in recent polls is shown to be receiving increased support from voters. This is Sakthivel's first time running for this position, and political experts are favoring him to win the entire election because of the support that he has gained from voters.


Sakthivel Alagappan is receiving a large share of voter's support because of his impressive and challenging background that have shaped his political views. Sakthivel is an every day man that has risen over his challenges to become a political figure and a celebrated advocate for the welfare of the community. Sakthivel was born in Kampung, Malaysia in 1970. Shortly after his birth his mother died, and his father raised him alone. Though this presented many challenges Sakthivel overcame these difficulties by receiving excellent marks in school, and even assisting his father with his business. It was through this work with his father where he developed his love for his community and this began his interest in a political future.

Sakthivel Alagappan first started on a scientific path through his higher education at Universti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) before finding his real love of public service in his role as MIC Branch Chairman for Taman Sergang Jaya. This MIC Branch Chairman position is one that he still holds to this day, and was a stepping-stone on the path to his political future. Sakthivel has always been an advocate for the welfare of the community as well as the personal interests of his supporters, which is why there is so much positive support in this current election of the Malaysian Parliament seat. Through his political career Sakthivel has been responsible for creating initiatives to improve schools, as well as other local cultural centers that enrich the community. These are fixtures that need to be supported in the public interest, and Sakthivel has always made these kinds of improvements a priority in his career.

Sakthivel Alagappan is receiving overwhelming support from voters because his political agenda holds their best interests at the heart of it. Unlike other politicians that are only focused solely on their own political affiliations, Sakthivel is a candidate for the community, and is a perfect representation of the every day man. Political experts have already noted the intent following that Sakthivel has in this election, and although this is his first time running, and pulling in his favor. If these polls are any indication, Sakthivel Alagappan will be sitting in a well-deserved Kapar Malaysian Parliament seat at the end of this General Malaysian Election.

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