Sales Marketing Training Academy (SMTA) Engages In Training Accreditation Agreement With Buffett Senior Healthcare®

Jun 19, 2013, 16:00 ET from Sales Marketing Training Academy

LOS ANGELES, June 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The minutes of the final 2nd Quarter Board meeting of the Buffett Senior Healthcare Corporation unveiled the completion of their recent contractual Agreement with a new independent company. This company, Sales Marketing Training Academy (SMTA), agreed to custom design an entire training program to match the requirements of BSH investors of all new hires in their Exclusive Territory Preset Appointment Division.


When asked the primary reason for the Board's approval of this decision, an Executive Board member representing Buffett Senior Healthcare Corp.'s most rapidly expanding division answered, "Quite candidly, of all the Buffett Senior Healthcare® divisions, it is the continually increasing inertia of our Preset Appointment Exclusive Sales Territory division that made this a necessity. After all, this year alone our division will need to accommodate four new additional training locations and at least twenty more in 2014. Hence, it makes sense to take on a loss leader in return for the equity that will be generated."

He further went on to say, "Yes, our division and the other divisions of BSH had what I consider a 'passionate, yet healthy debate' over whether or not to agree to all of Sales Marketing Training Academy's stringent requirements for them to employ one of our Regional Division Managers as an SMTA classroom Accreditation Training instructor. What matters is now we have the Board's approval for the investor funding and I feel highly confident our Exclusive division will bring tremendous return on the dollar followed by profit in less than five years. To the American workforce, well… it means thousands of new available career positions!"

Sales Marketing Training Academy (SMTA) agreed to take over all of BSH's Preset Appointment Exclusive Territory division's ( new hire Specialized Accreditation Training based on the following qualifications to become an SMTA training instructor on behalf of BSH new hires ("clients"):


Any training instructor for SMTA on behalf of BSH must have a minimum of one year sales experience, six months field trainer experience, and three months Team Leader experience with the Buffett Senior Healthcare® organization in the division for which they are training our clients ("new hires").


SMTA's clients will not be required to pay any cost for additional training beyond SMTA's course training when an SMTA client assumes their position with the organization they are employed.


All training instructors of SMTA for new hires of BSH must also maintain an active Team Leader position with the Buffett Senior Healthcare Corporation

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