SalesCrunch Launches Smart and Social Sales Presentation Platform CrunchConnect

Free, Browser-based Solution Reinvents Web-conferencing, Presentation Tracking and Social Networking in a Single App That Captures and Measures Real-Time Customer Engagement to Drive Sales

Mar 28, 2011, 07:00 ET from SalesCrunch

NEW YORK, March 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SalesCrunch, the industry's first social selling platform, today announced the private beta launch of CrunchConnect, which reinvents web–conferencing, presentation tracking and social networking—all in a free, browser-based solution that can capture and measure real-time customer engagement.  With CrunchConnect, salespeople can meet customers in a dedicated meeting room, connect with them via social networks, as well as upload and record presentations.  Sales professionals can also email presentations as trackable links—allowing users to capture and measure real-time interest of their customers to tell you when someone is ready to buy so you know who, when and how to sell.

"As a busy sales guy, I'm always looking for smarter ways to connect with customers," said Ben Aughenbaugh, Strategic Partnership Manager at online real estate search engine  "Sure, CrunchConnect has all the great, core features of a Web-conference tool without all the hassles, but it's so much more. Whether it's seeing who's not paying attention in my meeting or how long prospects are spending on my presentations and proposals, CrunchConnect is a huge competitive advantage that allows me to better understand my customers and close more deals based on their needs."

"The biggest missing ingredients in tech startups these days are sales skills," said Mark Suster, 2x entrepreneur turned venture capitalist at GRP Partners. "Most companies are founded by product and technology folks.  I love that SalesCrunch is building out tools, education and processes for startups to raise their game in sales.  CrunchConnect is a great new part of this offering to better arm and aim your sales teams."

CrunchConnect: Sales Gets Social

Personal Meeting Room

With CrunchConnect, each user receives a personal meeting room URL with a dedicated conference number.  Users can start online meetings instantly without downloading software, searching for long meeting URLs, phone number and pin codes.  

Social Connection

CrunchConnect integrates everyone's LinkedIn and Twitter profile right into the meeting screen, so salespeople can make a personal connection with customers by knowing who and what they have in common.  Icebreakers like local weather, time, sports, news, etc. for each of the meeting attendees provides even more opportunity for everyone to make a personal connection.  


Share your computer screen without the hassle of software downloads, and since your presentations are stored on CrunchConnect, you can easily upload, edit and start your presentations instantly.  Meetings can also be recorded and shared later.

Track Customer Interest via Email

CrunchConnect allows you to be a "fly on the wall" with your sales prospects.  CrunchConnect's trackable email link alerts you when a customer opens your presentation and tracks the time they spent reading it, down to the number of minutes and seconds on each slide—giving you access to who's interested, who's reading what, etc.  

"The business world is increasingly social, and the companies that understand and harness the power of social will be the ones to win.  With CrunchConnect, you can socialize your selling process with online sales presentations that can capture and measure every moment in a customer pitch and presentation—allowing salespeople to better understand their customers' needs and close more deals, faster," said Sean Black, CEO and founder, SalesCrunch.  "We plan to take this to the next level in Q2 with CrunchTrainer, which takes recordings from CrunchConnect and turns them into sales training courses alongside other company training—essentially capturing what the best sales executives do right with their customers every day and making those lessons available to anyone."

Pricing & Availability

CrunchConnect is free and available today as an invitation beta.  To request an invitation, please go to   CrunchTrainer will be available in Q2.

About SalesCrunch

Founded in 2010, SalesCrunch is a Social Selling Platform that takes selling from fuzzy art to repeatable process by capturing, measuring, training & tracking sales across your company and your customers. The company's smart & social presentation and training solutions CrunchConnect, CrunchTrainer and SalesSchool make selling transparent and empower organizations to collaboratively meet the demands of a new generation of buyers to power profits. For more information visit

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