SalesQuants Launches Sales Acceleration Resources for Data-Minded Sales Leaders

Oct 14, 2014, 03:00 ET from SalesQuants

CLEVELAND, Oct. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The self-service digital economy has flipped control of the sales process into the hands of the buyer. The oft-cited CEB statistic—57% of the purchase decision is made before engaging with a sales professional—is popular in B2B circles for a reason. Despite the predominantly buyer-directed process, powerful tools offer sales professionals a wealth of data to help them understand buyer preferences and intent. Harnessing this wealth of data now enables sales to structure the best and most relevant answers to buyer questions. The result is more positive customer experiences and higher win rates at larger levels.

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Out of this volcanic disruption to the buyer-seller landscape comes SalesQuants (, the resource sales leaders use to crush quotas and accelerate careers by exploiting technology. Central to the SalesQuants mission is the idea that data, cloud technology and sound sales processes make sales leaders smarter and more effective. Also, a harmonized sales and marketing department is a more productive one. Sales now understands that alignment with a modern, data-driven marketing team will help it move faster with greater intelligence. The philosophy SalesQuants embraces is that sales leaders that incorporate relevant tools, data and tactics benefit all parties in a commercial relationship.

"We're building an audience of B2B sales leaders by being a resource to this community," said Jeff L. Herrmann, founder of SalesQuants. "This started last year as my own personal blog and evolved by following the demand for greater insight into sales acceleration methods."

Part of the Fathom family, which provides marketing-fueled growth services for companies every day, SalesQuants exists to share industry best practices and insights gained from Fathom's in-house sales-marketing laboratory. SalesQuants, along with Fathom, looks to instruct companies in the science of sales and marketing alignment by offering workshops and consulting services in parallel to the development of its sales acceleration software-as-a-service (SaaS) toolset.

At its core, SalesQuants aims to promote business growth through technology adoption, better communication and sales acceleration. Founded by Jeff L. Herrmann, a former enterprise sales leader-turned-marketing-evangelist, a guiding principle of the company is that organizational collaboration, both between sales and marketing departments, and across finance and customer service, is central to creating excellent customer experiences. SalesQuants preaches this message to all sales professionals—and the organizations that employ them—looking to grow.

The new sales resources, featuring the "Kick-Ass Guide to Sales Acceleration," are available at

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SalesQuants is the resource sales leaders use to crush quotas and accelerate careers by exploiting technology. SalesQuants promotes the sharing of knowledge with entrepreneurial-minded sales leaders who have a passion for learning and growth, as well as higher productivity for their teams and businesses. It strives to bring sales and marketing professionals together with resources, motivation and insights.

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