Salient Stills Streamlines VideoFOCUS Pro Licensing, Extends Importing and Exporting Support for More Video Formats

Jun 28, 2010, 09:05 ET from Salient Stills

BOSTON, June 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Salient Stills, a leading video forensics and image enhancement software company, today announced VideoFOCUS Pro V3.1, with streamlined licensing and renewals functionality.  This enables customers with maintenance licenses to more easily apply new software versions, and allows anyone interested in video forensics to more quickly trial the software and set up new installations.  VideoFOCUS Pro V3.1 also includes the ability to import and export video and images in more formats.

"Like their business counterparts, law enforcement agencies benefit from software that is easily licensed, installed and upgraded.  VideoFOCUS Pro V3.1 streamlines this process for customers with maintenance licenses, ensuring investigators can take advantage of the newest features, and spend more productive time in the field," said Laura Teodosio, president and CEO of Salient Stills.  "In addition, we improved MPEG-2 video support, and enabled video export for the popular Windows .WMV format, and video import and processing of HD (high-definition) video.  Altogether, this makes it easier for our law enforcement customers who are encountering video in more and more formats, and require more choices when saving video clips."

More specifically, VideoFOCUS Pro V3.1 offers:

  • Improved MPEG-2 support, allowing a wider range of .VOB files to be directly imported, and streamlining the import of video from playable DVDs;
  • Windows .WMV format export, for higher quality compressed video;
  • HD (high-definition) video capture and processing support; and
  • Improved multi-monitor support, for those instances when processing video is improved through the use of more than one PC monitor.

VideoFOCUS Pro V3.1 will be available free of charge to maintenance customers in mid-July, with general availability later in the month to new customers and those without maintenance licenses.

Using innovative processing algorithms, VideoFOCUS Pro is the leading video forensics tool for law enforcement.  In a single application, VideoFOCUS Pro encompasses what can otherwise require multiple video capture and processing applications.

About Salient Stills

Founded in 1997, Salient Stills is a leading video forensics and image enhancement software company.  Salient Stills introduced its technology to answer the need for an efficient and effective video image enhancement solution.  VideoFOCUS Pro and VF Source are video forensics solutions in use by law enforcement, security and military and intelligence agencies.  For more information, visit

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