Salveo Capital's Marijuana Investment Summit Will Convene Industry's Major Players, Investors

Summit Will Serve As a Primer For Investment In And Creation Of The Marijuana Industry

Jul 14, 2015, 12:35 ET from Salveo Capital

CHICAGO, July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Salveo Capital, the only private equity firm currently funding cannabis growers, sellers, and dispensaries based in the United States, announced today the date of its first annual Investment Summit, which will be Wednesday August 12, at the offices of Salveo Capital, 180 N. LaSalle, in Chicago.  Salveo, which continues to raise additional capital for investment in marijuana and marijuana-related products and services, will serve as host of the all-day event. 

The Summit will serve as a primer for interested, accredited investors on the general state of the marijuana industry, including steps on how investors can identify and overcome hurdles associated with investment.  Several of the nation's foremost entrepreneurs will be on hand to share their ideas, products and strategies for success in this booming new industry. 

"Ever since we got involved in this sector, we have been amazed at the enormous opportunities in place for investors.  Last year, the industry experienced 74% growth.  We believe the biggest gains are still in front of us," said Alex Thiersch, managing principal of Salveo Capital.   "Already, the marijuana industry is currently valued at $2.7 billion, and the ground floor for investors has not even been constructed.  We are watching events play out with a careful eye, and our investment summit will feature some of the most innovative thinkers in our industry, from business to law to money management."

The summit will focus on topics such as the state of the industry, legal risks associated with marijuana investment, hurdles to investing in this market, and the benefits of a business-forward investment philosophy and a professional industry approach.  Attendees will get the opportunity to meet Salveo's executive management team, as well as hear presentations from three companies that Salveo has already vetted.  These company presentations will give potential investors the chance to get an idea of the quality of the better investment opportunities in the marijuana industry.

"Investors will need to perform a fair amount of due diligence in order to separate the wheat from the chaff.  This summit will address certain hurdles that exist for investors -- the number one hurdle being that the market is still federally illegal," said Thiersch.  "With the right leadership and infusion of more conventional business talent, the industry will be as legitimate as any other private enterprise with access to banks, and interstate commerce.  Once proposed legislation gets passed, then true growth will begin."

About Salveo Capital:
Salveo Capital is committed to shaping this young industry by providing funding and development to companies with the will and vision to be the future faces of legal marijuana.  As legalization spreads, completely fresh territories open up for those nimble enough to act quickly and decisively.  Salveo combines its own first-hand experience in cannabis with the most innovative ideas in the space.  It pairs its own business savvy with passion and dedication of the American entrepreneur to turn revolutionary ideas into reality.

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