San Diego's Rent-A-Car Right-A-Way Sets a New Standard in Car Rental Affordability and Convenience

This holiday season, there are numerous reasons to rent a car from San Diego's Rent-A-Car Right-A-Way

Oct 31, 2012, 14:30 ET from Rent-A-Car Right-A-Way

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- With the holiday season underway, many San Diego residents will travel to Los Angeles on multiple occasions to visit family and friends over the next few months, and many California visitors will fly into San Diego. There are many options for traveling to San Diego, to be sure. Some travelers choose the train or a bus when going from San Diego to Los Angeles. However, this can become quite the production; trains or shuttles do not always run or arrive on time, and reaching your ultimate destination is a belabored process with the train making several stops along the way. For those preferring to exercise more control over their travel plans, Rent-A-Car Right-A-Way is there for all of your needs for car rental in San Diego.

The holidays are a hectic time, but Rent-A-Car Right-A-Way is as accessible as possible, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way, the customer does not have to rework his or her schedule while in San Diego to rent a car. The car rental is available to release or receive the car whenever the driver is ready. The customer can rent a vehicle for as low as $21 a day. Additionally, an affordable and convenient "rent in San Diego/drop off in downtown Los Angeles" deal is offered by the company with details available on the website. Rent-A-Car Right-A-Way provides cars from top-of-the-line manufacturers and guarantees that each is prepared for extended driving. The interiors of every vehicle are clean, the tires are prepped for unpredictable highway terrain, and the electronic functions of our vessels are in working order, making your San Diego car rental a pleasant experience.  

The customer may also book a car conveniently when using our online reservation tool. Just click on the car you are interested in, select the dates of your travels, click "ok" and Rent-A-Car Right-A-Way will immediately provide an estimate. Customers are constantly surprised by the incredibly low prices that appear on their screen.

The out-of-towner flying into San Diego for the holiday season can easily obtain one of Rent-A-Car Right-A-Way's clean, reliable rentals. A Mercedes shuttle is often in the vicinity of the airport to conveniently transport travelers to Rent-A-Car Right-A-Way which is located just five minutes from the San Diego International Airport at 1025 West Laurel St., San Diego, CA 92101.

The thoughtful, knowledgeable staff of Rent-A-Car Right-A-Way truly sets the company apart from the competition. The rental representatives allow the customer to set the tone of the interaction. A Rent-A-Car Right-A-Way employee efficiently expedites the rental process if the customer is in a hurry. If one needs to take a breather prior to claiming the vehicle, the staff will spend time attending to the customer's needs. 

With affordable rates, unexpected deals, reliable vehicles, and a supportive staff, there are plenty of reasons for renting a vehicle from Rent-A-Car Right-A-Way in San Diego this holiday season. To learn more about the company's special offers, call (619) 638-2488 or visit

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