San Francisco Bay Area Company LiMOFLY Slashes Ridesharing Costs

Nov 08, 2015, 16:31 ET from LiMOFLY

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- LiMOFLY is a brand-new ride-sharing app that pledges to beat its competitors at their own game. Thanks to its implementation of numerous unique innovations, LiMOFLY can save its customers up to 40 percent on every ride by providing transportation only through legally authorized vehicles. A simple download does it all.

The LiMOFLY app streamlines the process by allowing users to request a ride instantly or book reservations in advance at competitive rates. A skillful cutting of costs is the company's main objective. In addition to offering flat-rate airport transportation, LiMOFLY allows non-airport riders to laugh in the face of traffic congestion by charging only for the distance traveled and not for the time it takes to arrive. Best of all, LiMOFLY will never charge a user's credit card until after it has safely delivered its passengers to their destination. Customers are charged only for the hours used for hourly rides.

LiMOFLY also offers its customers a feature that no other company dares to propose: free cancellation up to 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time. Better yet, for those who book at least two hours in advance, LiMOFLY makes a special commitment: if the driver arrives even one second late, the ride costs the passenger nothing. Furthermore, the company pledges never to implement surge pricing regardless of any apparent or pressing need. According to a LiMOFLY spokesperson, "We'd rather shut the company down than do that." 

For a new company, LiMOFLY is growing at an amazing clip. Within the first seven days of its launch, it had already collaborated with 107 limousine companies in and around the San Francisco Bay area. As development continues, so does the introduction of groundbreaking ideas. LiMOFLY will soon allow users to book multiple rides at a time and track them all in real time. This feature should prove invaluable to universities, hotel industries, corporations, travel agents and any other entity that requires multi-booking capability at the touch of a button.

By combining technology advances with a dedication to cost-effective operation, LiMOFLY appears poised to give the other area ride-sharing companies a run for their money. As its spokesperson has emphasized, "If you're looking for an affordable and reliable ride from anywhere in the San Francisco Bay area, you've come to the right place."

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