Santa Claus Origin Story is a New Children's Book -- How a Boy Became a Legend

Dec 01, 2010, 12:50 ET from Todd Domke & Associates

BOSTON, Dec. 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- "Nicholas Claus – the story of young Santa" is a new novel written by a father and son, Todd Domke and Judah Domke. It is an origin story about a legendary man.

They've launched a website for the book, At people can read the first of twelve chapters for free.

The book is available at where it's described as "a children's story that parents will enjoy too -- a mix of magic, suspense, comedy, romance, and adventure.

"Nick is a poor boy with a generous heart. When a girl named Anna arrives in his forest village, he is smitten. But she is entering high society and discouraged from having anything to do with the lowly woodsman. Nick is steered away from romance by his best friend, Blitzen, a reindeer... and by his guardian, Remoh, an old, blind wizard. Remoh tells Nick about a mystical test that occurs every 77 years, giving someone a chance to gain magical powers.

"Mysterious obstacles thwart Nick and Anna at every turn, including a threat to their lives from a shadowy villain who wants to pass the test for his own glory. Nick and Anna must join together to prevail…but can they do it in time?"

The authors are finalizing a screenplay, "Nicholas Claus." In movie-making, origin stories have been very successful – Batman, James Bond, X-Men, Star Trek... Will Santa be next?

"We had a lot of fun writing this story," said Judah. "My father and I enjoyed surprising each other with comedic dialogue, quirky characters, plot twists… But we also wrote it to be true to the spirit of Christmas – people giving generously. We wanted it to be entertaining for parents too because we hope they'll read it with their children."

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Todd Domke is Judah's father. He is author of Grounded, a children's novel published by Knopf, and co-author of The Conservative's Dictionary from St. Martin's Press, and Cain & Abel at Work from Broadway Books. He is a PR strategist, ghostwriter, and political analyst. Judah Domke has written for film, television and magazines. He's been an actor and performed stand-up comedy. He has also co-written with his father a book of humorous advice, Psych-Out Golf, due out soon.


SOURCE Todd Domke & Associates