Santrol Acquires Self-Suspending Proppant Technology

Game-changing proppant technology significantly improves reservoir production through superior proppant transport and placement while increasing hydraulic fracturing efficiency

May 14, 2013, 06:21 ET from Santrol

SUGAR LAND, Texas, May 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Santrol, a Fairmount Minerals company, announced today the acquisition of self-suspending proppant technology from Soane Energy of Cambridge, MA, that will enable operators to improve hydrocarbon production by substantially increasing the surface area of propped fractures to the reservoir. Coupled with Fairmount Minerals' process and manufacturing expertise, innovative self-suspending proppants will reach their full potential.



This game-changing proppant, which is suspended in the fracturing fluid, is transported farther for substantially better propped fracture length. The technology, which eliminates the need for certain fluid additives, improves hydraulic fracturing efficiency.

This solution is a step change in the decades-old challenge of evenly distributing proppant throughout the full length of a created hydraulic fracture. This is achieved by enveloping traditional proppant, such as Northern White sand, in a polymer that suspends the proppant in the hydraulic fracturing fluid. Once the proppant is placed in the fracture, traditional breakers remove the polymer leaving the proppant in place. 

"Self-suspending proppant is superior hydraulic fracturing technology that will enable operators to more successfully and efficiently complete wells," said Fairmount Minerals President Jenniffer Deckard. "As operators continuously look for improved solutions to increasing hydrocarbon production, self-suspending proppant will lead the way."

The proppant remains suspended in the fracturing fluid throughout the entire delivery process, lessening the need for fluid viscosifiers, such as guar and its derivatives, crosslinkers, friction reducers, biocides, gel stabilizers, or high pH buffers. This simplified fluid requirement increases hydraulic fracturing efficiency.

"For years, our clients have wanted a lighter proppant to counter the effects of settling during proppant transport. The effective density of our self-suspending proppant is much less than conventional proppants, allowing for superior transport and placement. We are looking forward to working with our customers on field trials this fall," said Van Smith, executive vice-president of Sales and Marketing for Santrol.

Santrol launched a new era in the oil and gas industry with the development of resin-coated proppant, the basis for the company's founding in 1976. Santrol's more than 37 years of experience developing coating solutions, in addition to having the world's largest proppant-coating capacity, ensures the self-suspending proppant has found the right home. The company has invented the industry's leading and most technologically advanced proppants.

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