SATINE Returns To Times Square For An Encore Performance

Jun 18, 2014, 05:08 ET from SATINE

BEIJING, June 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SATINE Organic Milk, on the heels of its outstanding performance at BIOFACH CHINA 2014, has recently landed on the big screen overlooking Times Square for a second showing, highlighting the unique features of China's organic milk industry to the world. The organic product had its debut showing on the same screen in 2012. An industry insider pointed out that SATINE has been working on perfecting its organic line for 10 years. Thanks to the firm's compliance with the international organic requirements for zero impurities and zero additives, the dairy product is reputed as the "best milk in China." Returning to Times Square for an encore performance and having been highly praised by world celebrities on several occasions, SATINE is taking the lead in directing the world's attention to China's dairy industry.

Times Square, located at the world renowned "crossroads of the world" between New York's Broadway and 7th Avenue, is universally recognized as an epitome of global business. The showing on the large screen overlooking the square is evidence of the dairy maker's strength and international influence. SATINE, as the sole China-based company attending the 2nd International Conference on Organic Farming in Germany in September 2012, drew the attention of major international press organizations. The commentary from the press following the dairy maker's presence at the event included quotes such as: "SATINE is a leading representative of China's organic industry, signaling the growing confidence of China-based brands" and "the quality of SATINE Organic Milk is causing anxiety among milk providers in Germany, France and other dairy producing markets." As a logical next step, SATINE Organic Milk was later shown in Times Square for the first time.

SATINE Organic Milk was successfully launched in 2007 as China's first organic dairy product, ushering in the organic age of China's dairy industry. Since then SATINE has been attracting attention from all over the world! At the China National Exhibition, Moscow, 2007, Russian President Vladimir Putin showed a strong interest in SATINE when visiting its exhibition space by praising the dairy product as "China's best cow milk." At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, SATINE Organic Milk received highly positive comments from Juan Antonio Samaranch, Lifetime Honorary President of the International Olympic Committee and a longstanding friend of China. He asserted that "SATINE Organic Milk represented the best quality of China's milk for the Olympic Games and Yili is on its way to becoming one of the best dairy manufacturers around the world".

By continuously maximizing efforts and putting energy into the organic industry, SATINE, early on, laid the foundation for these positive comments and world attention. After 10 years spent constantly improving the product, SATINE Organic Milk has built a full industry chain for organic products from planting, breeding and manufacturing to distribution and marketing, ensuring the company genuinely lives up to the international organic criteria requiring zero contamination and zero additives. SATINE's exclusive organic pastures are located in a world-renowned milk source belt, where the air is free of pollution, and where the pasture itself has been cleansed of any chemical residue, genetically modified organism (GMO) or contaminated water. The grass in the pasture is all naturally grown. Purebred Holstein-Friesian cattle free of any genetically modified breeding were specially imported and each cow has its own independent file and private breeder. The wholly organic manufacturing process and advanced technology assure that each container of "SATINE Organic Milk" is a pure and natural work of perfection.

To set the mind of any consumer who buys and drinks a SATINE Organic Milk product at ease, the company has taken the lead in carrying out the first installation of the "all processes can be traced back" system in China, taking the China-based dairy industry into an all-new traceable age. Chen Yu, a senior expert in the dairy industry, stated, "The traceable system adopted by SATINE Organic Milk has provided the customer with an effective way of identifying organic milk, enabling them to experience the quality of a 'zero contamination and zero additives' product and enjoy the milk's natural and unadulterated taste."

Appearing on the screen at Times Square for a second time signifies that SATINE, as the best China-based milk product, is gaining recognition and attention from every corner of the world, further solidifying its leadership in China's organic dairy industry. SATINE has been working with organic milk for 10 years and has now made its brand known all around the world. With SATINE Organic Milk leading the way, China-based dairy manufacturers are becoming an important player in the world's organic markets.