Saving $1,400 A Year and Enjoying More TV Viewing Choices is A Reality for PlayOn Customers

Jan 05, 2010, 08:30 ET from MediaMall Technologies, Inc.

SEATTLE, Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- MediaMall Technologies, Inc., creator of the award-winning PlayOn((TM)) (www.PlayOn.TV) Internet video to TV solution, today announced results of a customer poll about TV viewing behavior. Two out of five people, or 38 percent of respondents, cut their cable or satellite TV service and are saving as much as $1,400 per year or more while enjoying more TV viewing choices with PlayOn. Four out of five people, or 78 percent of poll respondents, said they are able to watch their favorite movies, TV shows and videos using PlayOn.

"PlayOn makes it easy and affordable for people to enjoy watching Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, personal media and more on their TV instead of on a computer," said Jeff Lawrence, CEO of MediaMall Technologies. "It's inspirational that many of our customers find PlayOn so useful they cut or reduced their cable TV bill and benefit from significant monthly savings. PlayOn's variety of content is also a great programming complement for the majority of people who want to keep their cable TV service."

Real-Life Experiences Cable and Satellite TV Savings

"The greatness of PlayOn is obvious once you've used it. Hulu on my HDTV without any additional hardware! Netflix on-demand without having to be an Xbox Live Gold member! How can you not love that? All those travel photos on my PC are now available on my TV. Videos of the newborn? Check. My entire MP3 library played through my entertainment system? Yep. PlayOn rocks," said Jonathan Herr.

"I canceled cable solely because of PlayOn. I can now watch my favorite shows from Hulu and Netflix on my living room TV through my PlayStation 3 and my bedroom through my Wii. For a one-time $39 expense, I've saved almost $1,000 over the last year," said Alex Andreae from Austin, TX.

"Since we got PlayOn we have gotten rid of our cable TV service and saved $100 a month. The savings keep adding up. It's so simple to use PlayOn. My wife and I use PlayOn combined with our Xbox360 to watch all the shows we love on our TV when we want to watch them. Even our kids know how to use it to watch shows. PlayOn is even easier and more convenient than having to deal with TV or having to make sure your shows record right with a DVR or TiVo," said Sundance McClure from Lakeside, CA.

"PlayOn paid for itself within the first month we used it. We were paying $180 a month to the cable company for a digital cable/DVR/Internet package. Since we started using PlayOn a few months ago we have been able to reduce our cable bill to $65 a month! There is no need for digital cable with a DVR if we can watch anything we want, when we want," said William O'Connor.

PlayOn Free Trial

A full-featured free trial of PlayOn software is available for download from www.PlayOn.TV. PlayOn runs on a Windows PC and is automatically detected by a networked Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or DLNA-compatible device connected to a TV. Select PlayOn to instantly enjoy Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon VOD, personal media (photos, music and videos) and more on your TV. There is no new hardware to purchase or messy cables. After the free trial, it's only a one-time $39.99 fee to purchase PlayOn.

About MediaMall Technologies

MediaMall Technologies was founded in 2003 to make it simple, affordable and fun to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows and videos from the Internet on your TV. Its PlayOn software runs on Windows PCs and wirelessly streams Internet content to networked Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 gaming consoles and many DLNA compliant devices connected to your TV. MediaMall operates with offices in New York, Seattle and Copenhagen and can be found online at www.PlayOn.TV.

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