Savision Delivers New Multi-Platform Business Service Intelligence Solution, Connecting IT, Help Desks & Business, Transforming Silos Into Unity

May 16, 2016, 09:21 ET from Savision

LAS VEGAS, May 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Unity iQ is the One Groundbreaking Solution That Solves The Main Problem Enterprises Face Today: Increased Data & Legacy Tools That Are Used In Silos 

Savision ( today announced the availability of its new multi-platform Business Service Intelligence Solution, Unity iQ at the Knowledge16 event in Las Vegas, NV. The world of IT is becoming increasingly complex, with IT professionals facing an assortment of challenges. Frequently, ITSM and monitoring systems are disconnected, with teams working in operational silos, not fully understanding the impact that each system has on the overall business. As a result, IT professionals spend significant time, effort and funds being reactive rather than proactive, putting out fires vs. innovating to drive business growth.

Now, Savision, the market leader in Business Service Intelligence solutions, is offering a groundbreaking solution, Unity iQ. Unity iQ connects the worlds between IT, the help desk and the business, transforming silos into unity. This new solution aggregates and analyzes dispersed data from existing ITSM and monitoring systems, delivering relevant and actionable information for IT and business stakeholders. It does not replace these existing domain tools, but rather it collects, correlates and prioritizes the data these systems produce and measures it against pre-defined business KPIs.

"Business service delivery is stuck in a world of silos. Unity iQ is a smart and easy-to-deploy solution that reduces complexity and brings these worlds together," said Diana Krieger, CEO of Savision.  "Unity iQ allows you to aggregate, analyze and act upon dispersed data from different monitoring and ITSM systems. It provides a holistic view for your IT, help desk and business teams so they can solve problems faster and predict outages. With Unity iQ, you can spend less time on operations and more on innovation."

Unity iQ turns data into Business Service Intelligence. Alerts, and incidents are displayed in real-time, giving all stakeholders a holistic view of their complete IT environment. The benefits of Unity iQ include:

  • Enables Business and IT alignment (People): Facilitates business optimization and motivates an entrepreneurial-focused culture. Helps organizations in maturity journey, and solves miscommunications between business and IT.
  • Increases innovation (Technology) and revenue- Unity iQ helps to increase maturity level of the company by providing business contribution metrics. The more mature a company becomes, the more they can invest money from their operational budget to focus more in innovation, lowering risks and costs.
  • Increases operating efficiency (Process) - The access to relevant information makes room for better decision making, as well as predicting and minimizing downtime.

With Unity iQ, IT will spend less time resolving problems and more time on planning for the future.  Unity iQ:

  • Reduces downtime by up to 70%
  • Reduces the number of service outages by up to 60%
  • Results in cost savings of up to 82%
  • Is easy to install, configure, and maintain

"We developed Unity iQ in line with requests from our customers, and our customers also provided valuable feedback by using a beta version of Unity iQ," said Rob Doucette, CTO of Savision.  "We're confident that this unique, innovative solution will solve enterprises' main problem of too much data across silos, by providing a more robust, holistic view."

About Unity iQ 

Unity iQ is a smart solution that optimizes your IT service delivery. It provides your IT, help desk and business teams the service intelligence they need to solve problems faster and predict outages. Unity iQ allows you to aggregate, analyze and act upon dispersed data from different monitoring and ITSM systems. The unified data is presented in a holistic view so everyone understands the business context. Within seconds, you can determine the business impact of an outage or perform a root-cause analysis.

About Savision 

Savision is the market leader in Business Service Intelligence solutions. We provide your IT, help desk and business teams the service intelligence they need allowing them to become business partners. With our solutions you can prevent problems and reduce downtime. Since our start in 2006 in the Netherlands, we have helped over 800 customers optimize their IT service delivery. This includes clients from the public sector to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. For more information, visit


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