Sayer - A New Social Community Emerges For Curious Individuals To Share Opinions And Predictions On A Global Scale

Have Your Say - Sayer Provides A Venue For Users To Get Involved In Conversations About Trending Topics By Asking Questions And Sharing Their Opinions And Predictions

Jul 30, 2015, 09:00 ET from Sayer

LOS ANGELES, July 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Sayer, a social platform founded by Stanford alumnus and product designer Patrick Davis, announced today the official full-featured release of their iOS application. Sayer is a crowdsourced opinions and predictions platform where people can weigh in on topical, thought-provoking questions. Users can also pose their own questions, called "Sooths", to their friends and the community at large.

"Over the last few years I've found myself losing interest in social media, and I wanted to figure out why," said Patrick Davis, Founder and CEO of Sayer. "I realized that the best conversations in the non-digital world are fueled by thought-provoking questions. But, as I scrolled through my social feeds, they were less question-based and mostly comprised of narcissistic statements - status updates, announcements, and too many selfies. We set out to build a social community based around conversation-inspiring questions, what we call Sooths."

These Sooths currently come in two forms -- predictions and polls. Both types are intentionally open-ended, the kind of questions that don't have definitive answers.

"These aren't 'factoid' or 'help' questions that you can get a quick answer to on Google or Quora," Davis continued. "There's an element of unknown that sparks curiosity, debate, and even competition. The goal is to capture the vitality of the best offline conversations in a bite-sized form."

How it Works:

  • The Sayer app allows users to create a Sooth in either the form of a poll or a prediction. A Sooth can cover a limitless array of subjects and interests, and can include a link to external content such as an article or video.
  • The Sooth is then published for the community to weigh in on. It appears in a feed for anyone who follows the creator, and may also appear in a "trending" feed if it receives a significant number of responses.
  • Users can directly challenge their friends to answer Sooths via SMS or through Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels.
  • When users share their opinion or prediction on a Sooth, the responses from the other participants are revealed.
  • Users can search for Sooths based on categories or tags to discover what other people think about topics they are interested in.
  • Participants are notified when the final results of a Sooth become available. Users earn points when they get a prediction right, and can access Sooth history on their profile.

"We want to nurture a community where anyone can exercise their curiosity and have fun questioning the world around them," continued Davis. "It's a place to ponder and debate about what will be, or what could be, and share in that experience with others."

In addition to offering a platform for thought-provoking, fun, heated, and often hilarious conversation, Sayer also promises to deliver fascinating aggregate data. Sayer aims to provide real value with the crowdsourced opinion and prediction data it collects by creating a window into how the world thinks about the most burning questions of our time.

Founded in 2015, Davis raised $1.1MM in seed funding to build the Sayer platform and team.

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About Sayer:
Sayer is an interactive community of curious individuals who share their predictions, ideas, and wisdom by asking and answering questions about the world and what's to come.  Shifting away from the paradigm of self-centered social networking, Sayer is focused on piquing our collective fascination with the future and the world around us through thought-provoking questions and predictions.

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