SBM Solar Becomes World's Only Manufacturer of UL Certified Non-Glass, Rigid, C-Si Solar Panels

Breakthrough Solar Panels are Lightweight, Strong and Shatterproof, Customizable, Non-Glare, and Made in the USA

Feb 09, 2010, 07:00 ET from SBM Solar

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Feb. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- SBM Solar ( recently became the only company in the world to earn the prestigious UL certification on their non-glass, rigid, C-Si Solar Panels.  SBM, located in Concord NC, is the recognized leader in research, development, and manufacturing of patent-pending, non-glass solar technology for traditional roofing, BIPV (Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic), marine, portable military and disaster relief, and solar OEM applications including pumps, carports, and industrial products.

"Our 140W solar panel endured four years of rigorous UL1703 testing," stated Dr. Osbert Cheung, SBM's founder and President.   "UL approval, as well as our IEC61215 certification for hail impact resistance, demonstrates SBM Solar's strong commitment to quality and safety."  Dr. Cheung went on to say, "Our non-glass PV modules are encapsulated with a non-EVA based thermoplastic material developed by The Dow Chemical Company.  This allows us to manufacture panels three times faster than traditional glass modules while maintaining highly consistent quality."

"UL approval is significant to both our customers and the solar industry as a whole," explained Jay Rao, SBM's Chief Marketing Officer.  "To our customers, it provides a peace of mind and confidence that SBM's Panels will perform at the highest level.  To the solar industry, UL approval marks the beginning of a market shift to non-glass technology."

SBM Solar's non-glass PV modules are:

  • 40% lighter than glass allowing for easier and lower cost shipping and handling (highest power vs. weight ratio in the world).
  • Perfect for applications with weight restrictions.
  • Strong, durable, and shatterproof.  Can withstand rain, hail, high winds, and lightning.
  • Designed with a non-invasive roof mounting system resulting in decreased installation costs.
  • Customizable in shapes, sizes, and colors allowing for optimal design and architectural flexibility.
  • Equipped with high efficiency C-Si solar cells providing a high level of electricity (14W) per square foot.
  • Non-glare and non-reflective; crucial for boating and portable military applications.

About SBM Solar

SBM Solar ( is the pioneer in research, development, and manufacturing of patent-pending, non-glass photovoltaic (PV) modules noted for being efficient, lightweight, durable, customizable, and American-made.  SBM, headquartered in Concord NC, proudly manufactures its products in the USA, thus complying with the Buy American Act.


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