SC Magazine selects Barrier1 as "Industry Innovator for Perimeter Defense"

Jan 23, 2013, 09:01 ET from Barrier1

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Barrier1, the leader in Intelligent Threat Management, announces SC Magazine Selects Barrier1 as "Industry Innovator for Perimeter Defense".


Network Security attacks continue to become more complex. Cyber Criminals are now changing attack vectors within days and not months and going beyond the first type of "blended threats" in which they use a coordinated approach and All 7 OSI layers to gain access, control, theft, and or destruction.   These fast mutating attacks are being termed zero-day or Advanced malware. In order to first identify this style of cyber criminal activity one needs to have complete visibility of the entire data streams, all packets, all data types, and etc. Then using advanced algorithms, and real time raw data, one can accurately and effectively identify not only the known but the mutated, unknown, never before seen, advanced malware, or zero-day malware. Barrier1 then designed an approach to identify and block within Microsecs. Last, this new found information is then sent to its user community within minutes for their protection as well.

"Over the years, Barrier1 has accurately identified new versions of MyTob, Storm, Conficker, Malware, Ultra Surf, Stuxnet and other advance malware strains, that every other manufacture has missed" states Ron Johnson Dir. of Marketing.  "The days of charging the front door are over. In addition, revived methods of sandboxing will not stop attacks either." "Real Time Intelligent Threat Management" is the most Effective and Accurate method.

Barrier1 TM  launched a platform that inspects ALL 7 OSI layers in near real time from any IP devices, using Intelligence over 5 years ago.  While traditional approaches were concerned with just the edge or gateway, Barrier1 was inspecting all IP devices, and using its patent-pending Intelligent "AARE Engine" to go beyond list-based methods.  In today's world, manufacturers should be able to stop the known attacks; it is the unknown, mutated, or never-before-seen that is difficult.  Barrier1 has a five-year history of accurately identifying and blocking newly launched attacks that everyone else misses. 

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