ScaleOut Software Releases Commercial Compatibility Library for Soon-to-be Retired Microsoft Windows Server AppFabric Caching

New API Eases Migration, Expands Capabilities with Leading In-Memory Data Grid Technology

Nov 12, 2015, 15:20 ET from ScaleOut Software

BELLEVUE, Wash., Nov. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- ScaleOut Software, a leading provider of in-memory computing software, today introduced its source-code compatible drop-in replacement for Microsoft's Windows Server AppFabric (WSAF) Caching APIs. Microsoft is currently slated to sunset AppFabric in April 2017, asking its customers to turn to an unsupported open source, cloud-based solution expected to leave many on-premise users behind. The latest release of ScaleOut StateServer®, which ships with the AppFabric Caching Compatibility Library, is an enterprise-ready, fully supported, commercial alternative that enables customers to replace their AppFabric distributed caches and preserve their familiar experience, while enabling them to start gaining the benefits of ScaleOut Software's powerful, in-memory data grid functionality.

"Through its 'mobile first, cloud first' strategy, it appears that Microsoft is hoping to push AppFabric caching users to their Azure cloud platform when it ends support for the technology. The reality is that using a cloud-based alternative simply isn't always a practical replacement, as many require a fully supported, on-premise solution for their distributed cache," said Dr. William Bain, Founder and CEO of ScaleOut Software. "Our compatibility library gives customers peace of mind by taking the risk out of migrating AppFabric caching to ScaleOut StateServer, and its provides them with both a fully supported solution and the latest in-memory data grid technology."

ScaleOut Software's source-code compatible, drop-in replacement allows enterprises using AppFabric Caching to preserve their legacy application code and switch seamlessly to ScaleOut StateServer without making code changes, while also using familiar PowerShell commands to manage their distributed cache. Running AppFabric compatible applications under ScaleOut StateServer dramatically simplifies installation and management of a distributed cache, while giving users access to a lineup of capabilities that deliver significant performance advantages with maximum ease-of-use:

Extended Functionality
ScaleOut StateServer goes far beyond AppFabric Caching's basic features to deliver both high performance and extended functionality, including:

  • Distributed, property-based query using Microsoft LINQ
  • Numerous API extensions, such as support for object dependencies and sliding timeouts
  • Powerful object browser to directly browse data stored in the grid
  • Scalable event handling
  • Data-parallel computation, including C# MapReduce
  • Extensible support for building server-based data structures
  • WAN-based data replication and synchronized, global data access
  • Integrated support for public clouds, including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure

Peer-to-Peer, Distributed Architecture
ScaleOut StateServer uses a symmetric, peer-to-peer architecture to avoid single points of failure and streamline server management by:

  • Eliminating the need for system administrators to create and manage a central configuration store and automatically replicating configuration information on every cluster host
  • Simplifying the addition and removal of servers from the membership by automatically forming a new membership and rebalancing the workload as needed
  • Incorporating support for high availability with automatic heart-beating between servers for failure detection, self-healing, and redistribution of the workload

Management and Ease-of-Use
ScaleOut StateServer's acclaimed ease-of-use simplifies installation and management, for example by:

  • Avoiding complex, Windows configuration steps such as modifying security settings and using a domain controller
  • Providing a centralized, GUI-based management console which includes cluster-wide control, dynamic performance charting, and alerts
  • Simplifying application development with a proprietary object browser that delivers detailed insights into the contents of the in-memory data grid, including access to values for object properties

Commercial Support
Unlike open source AppFabric Caching alternatives, such as Azure Redis Cache, ScaleOut StateServer is commercially licensed and fully supported for use on Microsoft Windows and does not require a highly qualified system administrator to use. ScaleOut offers:

For additional information on how the ScaleOut StateServer AppFabric Caching Compatibility Library exceeds other replacement options and a complete step-by-step guide for migrating, visit

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