Scamraiders, a Coachella Valley-Based Social Network, Targets Scammers, Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Jun 23, 2010, 08:06 ET from

PALM DESERT, Calif., June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- (Scamraiders) - was inaugurated one year ago on June 23, 2009, after three years of development, research and creation. Scamraiders is a free, pro-active social network that allows people who have become victims of injustice or fraud to post their stories and connect with each other. At Scamraiders, members not only post their own stories of scammers, we provide discussion forums, informative articles on current scams and swindles and featuring exposes about the scoundrels that engage in any fraud, bribery, swindle, or misrepresentation.

Scamraiders' mission is simple - 'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Helping People to Help Themselves.' Users can post their personal experiences, shares their ideas with each other, as well as interact with Scamraiders' Staff.  Scamraiders provides current and archived exposes of ongoing injustices involving court corruption, lawyers, doctors, custody matters, etc. is a platform against fraud and corruption anywhere that affects the public's daily lives, lifestyles, and homes.

Scamraiders was founded by Jim Couri, a 72-year-old Coachella Valley resident and former New York businessman. Jim's experiences with the New York court system inspired him to create the website, to help others expose corruption and get help and advice from others on how to avoid getting ripped-off.

In its first year of investigations, Scamraiders has diligently endeavored to uncover and expose the illegal and predatory conduct of many scammers, and particularly a number of persons in New York City and related wrongdoings in Wisconsin. One such 'vulture' is a doctor who has misused his medical license and hospital affiliations to lure innocent and vulnerable patients into sexual abuse. Notably, he was finally discharged from NYU Langone Medical Center after extensive inquires from numerous women who were victims of his sociopathic antics.

Scamraiders efforts have brought into the light of day this unethical doctor's schemes and illegal activities. However, Scamraiders and its staff have now become targets of the doctor and his affiliates through the use of intimidation tactics and retaliation. The exposed doctor has hired an unsavory thug to create a blog site solely geared to lie, harass, and cheat in a scheme to divert attention from this criminal doctor's illegal activities and discredit Scamraiders. Additionally, when Scamraiders' founder, Jim Couri, recently entered UCLA Hospital, he was compelled to use an assumed name due to the threats and harassment of these individuals.

Scamraiders has recently posted a $10,000.00 Reward for further evidence and details about this rogue doctor and other wrongdoers and their criminal acts.  Scamraiders ultimate goal, based upon our knowledge of many American hospitals' willingness to cover-up the acts of doctors discharged with cause from their facilities, is to ensure that these hospitals are mandated by law to inform the public of these physician's misdeeds, criminal acts and reasons for firing, to ensure others are protected from harm in the future.

Scamraiders will continue its quest of unmasking corruption and abuses of authority - and persons who prey upon the innocent and unsuspecting.