Scamraiders announces NEW $10,000 reward, NEW contributors, NEW successes

Jun 14, 2010, 03:00 ET from

PALM DESERT, Calif., June 14 /PRNewswire/ --, a proactive social network offering help and advice to victims of scams and corruption, is pleased to announce a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of one of several known scammers profiled on These individuals have caused severe harm to many innocent victims, corrupted judges and court officials, and continue to evade law enforcement. Anyone providing evidence and proof leading to an arrest or conviction of these persons is entitled to share in the $10,000 reward.

"After receiving several heart-wrenching cries for help from members who have been victimized by these men, we simple wish to stop them from harming anyone else," said Scamraiders Founder Jim Couri.  "Our goal is to encourage people with knowledge of these individuals' criminal activities to come forward and do the right thing."

Scamraiders also welcomes two new contributors to their cadre of writers and investigators. Kyla Hunt is a blogger and consultant based in Austin, Texas. A graduate of the Information School at the University of Texas, Ms. Hunt holds a Masters of Science degree in Information Studies. Jeffrey Amos is a Los Angeles-based writer, playwright and producer, and a fellow University of Texas graduate. Mr. Amos holds a BA in English Literature, and has written for the stage and screen.

Scamraiders is celebrating a year of service in July, having helped thousands of people across the globe fight scammers, swindlers, charlatans and cheaters. With thousands of members and a growing archive of helpful and informative articles, Scamraiders has proved to be the premiere site for people seeking help and advice, "helping people to help themselves" fight corruption and fraud. The site continues to grow, with thousands of members joining and new traffic milestones each month.

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