Scania Supercharges its Travel Administration Using eBuilder's Cloud Solution

Oct 08, 2012, 02:00 ET from eBuilder

STOCKHOLM, October 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Scania has turned to eBuilder for help with streamlining and better coordinating their travel management and travel expense accounting. On March 26 this year, eBuilder's cloud-based solution was deployed to Scania's 30 companies in Sweden. Initially, the solution encompasses only travel cost accounting, but it will successively be broadened to improve the entire travel administration process.

"In our effort to streamline our cost accounting for travel and travel expenses, we came to the conclusion that eBuilder's Travel solution is a highly appropriate service for us. With the new service, all Scania employees can now promptly reconcile their expenditures while we obtain improved administration," says Birger Nagler, Head of Administration at Scania, and adds: "The company is currently working on expanding the service with more functions."

Unique advantages lead to significant savings

"We are proud to be able to help Scania boost the efficiency of their internal travel process and to contribute to cost savings this way," says Bengt Wallentin, eBuilder's CEO. With eBuilder's Travel and Expense Management solution, Scania achieves end-to-end control over the organization's travel processes. The most decisive advantage of eBuilder Travel is the system's ability to integrate the many participants in the customer's travel network. This can include thousands of collaborating companies such as airlines, railroads, hotel chains, car rental firms, credit card companies, banks, and tax authorities. These integrations, together with eBuilder's business logic, give the customer a highly optimized process that handles the employees' travel needs from booking to reimbursement.

About eBuilder

eBuilder helps companies and organizations automate and optimize the whole or parts of their business processes for travel, procurement, and supply chains (order fulfillment and reverse logistics).

eBuilder's Cloud Processes* are a complement to existing ERP systems. ERP systems give control over an organization's internal processes, while eBuilder's Cloud Processes give control over processes outside the organization in the global network of collaborating trading partners.

The business benefits accrue in the form of lower administrative costs, improved customer service, and increased profitability; at the same time increased value is delivered to the customers.

Today eBuilder has customers in over 60 countries and over 500,000 users. Global headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden with offices in the Asia-Pacific region (Australia, China, and Sri Lanka).

*Cloud-based solutions with a pay-as-you-go business model

About Scania

Scania is a global company with a sales and service organization in more than 100 countries. Aside from sales and services. Scania's production units are located in Europe and Latin America.

Scania has approximately 37,500 employees. Scania's Head Office is located in Södertälje, Sweden, where a total of 5,800 people work with sales as well as administrative and other tasks. Also in Södertälje are Scania's research and development operations, with about 3,300 employees.

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