Scanovate is Rethinking the Way We Pay Our Bills

Israeli startup imaging platform allows a leading bank clients to pay their bills directly from their mobile in mere seconds

Jul 21, 2015, 07:09 ET from Scanovate

TEL AVIV, Israel, July 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Israeli startup company Scanovate, in collaboration with Bank Leumi, one of Israel's largest commercial banks, released the bank's new mobile bill payment service, allowing the bank's clients to both manage and pay their snail-mail bills directly from their mobile device, in mere seconds.

The new service, available on the bank's innovative app to the bank's client-base, including over 800,000 mobile banking users, with a new simple to use image-based tool. The payment engine is geared to process any bill payment after scanning the bill and without the need to select the biller or manually enter any additional data.

The mobile app fully supports all of Israel's bill types, generated by dozens of municipalities and government authorities.

This is achieved by utilizing Scanovate's specialized imaging platform, based on its proprietary powerful image processing algorithms. Combined together, these form a powerful mobile app for automatic identification and processing of large arrays of documents in real-time. Using live video directly from the mobile device, with no server dependency, the tool can also integrate new documents and bill types over-the-air, ushering a new era of mobile engagement for banks and their clients, worldwide.

This digital breakthrough service provides banks and their clients with an innovative way to connect and interact together over mobile channels, while generating new services and an improved customer experience.

"We believe that technology is here to help us make life easier, by bridging barriers like paper-based transactions," says Scanovate's CTO and Co-founder Irad Gilboa, emphasizing Scanovate mission statement.  

About Scanovate 

Scanovate is an Israeli startup company founded in 2012 by a team of Israel's hi-tech veterans, with the goal of bridging the gap between the physical (paper) and digital worlds. The company is a leader in the client-based mobile imaging field, and offers banks and service providers around the world with ground breaking solutions.

Scanovate's mission is - Use innovation to lift documents into the mobile age.

About Bank Leumi    

Established in 1902, Bank Leumi is Israel's oldest banking corporation and one of the leading and largest corporations in the Middle East. The Leumi Group today operates 268 branches throughout Israel, in addition to branches and offices located in key financial centers across the globe. Leumi provides a wide spectrum of high quality banking services to all types of customers, starting with households, through small and middle-market businesses, and up to large corporations.

In recent years, Leumi has invested extensive resources in developing and enhancing its technological capabilities in order to provide customers with accessible and advanced banking services. Today, 'Leumi Digital' leads the digital banking field in Israel, with a wide variety of innovative on-line banking services which are carried out through various platforms, including the internet, social media, smartphones, tablets, 'Leumi Digital' stations and ATM's.

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