ScentSicles Helps USC Students Chop Down Stanford Tree This Weekend

Scent of A Freshly Cut Tree Creates An Unlikely Partnership

Nov 18, 2013, 11:08 ET from ScentSicles Scented Ornaments

ATLANTA, Nov. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Rumor has it that there was a collective "gasp" the first time peanut butter and chocolate were combined.  The same could be said for ScentSicles scented ornaments and the USC Trojan Knights, USC's premier spirit organization.  The two joined forces to help the "12th man" (or, should we say, the 12th student) rise a bit higher and louder, arguably helping spur the USC Trojans to beat the then #4 ranked Stanford Cardinal at the Coliseum this past Saturday. 


Some might ask what brought fir-scented ornaments and college students together. Love of freshly chopped trees, of course!  ScentSicles are the scented ornaments that bring the authentic aroma of a fresh-cut tree to your home during the holiday season.  And the Trojan Knights spirit team worked the sidelines to (figuratively) "chop" the Stanford tree mascot -- and help bring the scent of victory to the Los Angeles Coliseum for USC.

From their prominent positions during the ESPN College Gameday show, these louder, burlier Trojan Knights were fueled in their cheering efforts with their lumberjack garb, toy chainsaws and axes, and lots of signs – from bodypaint to posterboard to airplanes flying overhead – all calling out #timber

"TIMBER!!!" thus became the rallying cry that many a Trojan got behind in their desire to chop the tree.  While the student body wanted to smell some fresh-cut tree, we all know that the Stanford tree isn't real (in fact it's possibly the fakest looking tree on the planet) so thus jumped in ScentSicles. While these mystical ornaments are scented to make artificial Christmas trees smell fresh-cut, they also provided the olfactory cues needed to let the Trojans know that YES! The smell of victory was within reach!  They smelled the win before any player ever touched foot on the field.

Whether or not the scent of the tree or the sound of a chainsaw helped push the Trojan football team just a bit harder will never be known.  However, the CEO of Enviroscent, the creators of ScentSicles and a Trojan Knight himself, knows that "ScentSicles did its part to help ensure a Trojan victory.  We have been helping families across the U.S. bring the scent of a fresh-cut Christmas tree inside their homes since 2009, and are proud to have helped the USC Knights in their quest to chop the Stanford tree and bring home a victory."

About ScentSicles® scented ornaments:

ScentSicles® are the first scented ornaments that effectively and authentically make any tree smell fresh-cut. Headquartered in Atlanta and made in the United States, ScentSicles scented ornaments are 5.5 inches long and made from natural fibers from sustainable resources that have been infused with pure fragrance oil, offering an authentic, simple and mess-free way to enhance the scent of the holidays. Simply hang from Christmas tree branches, hook into wreaths, or wrap into garland.  They are sold in approximately 20,000 stores across the U.S. each holiday season.  Additional information about ScentSicles scented ornaments can be found at ScentSicles are a product of Enviroscent, Inc.

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