Scholastic Education and Mindset Works® Announce Landmark Agreement to Bring 'Growth Mindset' Practices into Classrooms Nationwide

Scholastic Education expands collaboration with Mindset Works to offer programs and consulting that foster a growth mindset culture in schools on a large scale

Apr 10, 2014, 12:29 ET from Scholastic

NEW YORK, April 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Scholastic Education and Mindset Works® today announced a joint effort that will expand the impact of research that has shown students can learn more when their perceptions of intelligence are shifted from a "fixed mindset," a belief that you are or are not born smart, to a "growth mindset," an understanding that intelligence can be developed through effort. Co-founded by Stanford University Professor of Psychology Dr. Carol S. Dweck and her colleague Dr. Lisa Blackwell, Mindset Works helps translate the lessons from growth mindset research into everyday educational practice to boost student motivation and raise achievement. Scholastic, which has a presence in nearly every K–12 classroom in the U.S., is Mindset Works' first major distribution partner, potentially providing millions of students with the benefits of growth mindset programs.

Scholastic Education, a division of Scholastic (NASDAQ: SCHL), the global children's publishing, education and media company, and Mindset Works first collaborated on the development of  MATH 180®, a revolutionary program from Scholastic designed to build foundational understanding and prepare struggling students for algebra. The program helps middle and high school students bring a growth mindset to the study of mathematics, a subject students often approach with a fixed mindset. Feedback from teachers and students using MATH 180 confirms that once the students understand they can grow their math intelligence, they will seek effective strategies, persevere and master challenging material.

"A partnership between Mindset Works and Scholastic is an excellent opportunity to formalize our collaboration around the shared belief that all children can learn and that high quality teaching and growth mindset can raise student achievement in all subjects," noted Dr. Lisa Blackwell, Vice President, Design, Implementation & Evaluation of Mindset Works. "We look forward to working with a company that is a trusted partner of teachers to build school cultures that foster learning, resilience and motivation while eliminating anxieties about false limits in intelligence."

"Mindset Works is the ideal partner for Scholastic, as research continues to show that the affective aspects of learning are as important as the academic -- and students' ability to persevere and transition to a growth mindset will increase their capacity to perform at high levels," remarked Duncan Young, Senior Vice President of Scholastic Achievement Partners™, the professional learning and school improvement arm of Scholastic Education.

Mindset Works will partner closely with Scholastic Education to make available the Brainology® program, Mindset Works' pioneering software for students, and the Mindset Works EducatorKit for teachers. Combining the expertise of both companies will help districts build a growth mindset culture to improve student achievement.

According to Dr. David Dockterman, Chief Architect, Learning Sciences, of Scholastic Education, the focus on higher standards for all students means more than rigorous curricula and assessment; it also means strengthening students' habits of mind and perseverance for learning. "We need to create classroom cultures that welcome risk-taking as part of the learning process while building individual student confidence and competence. Then we can make a lasting difference," he said.

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