School Supplies Company Supports Art Education With New Range of Paints

Jan 29, 2013, 06:42 ET from Prefect Equipment

TEDDINGTON, England, January 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Amid all the difficulties that people have had to face in the last few years because of cutbacks, economical strife and all sorts of social concerns, a great deal more focus has been placed on improving education and making life great for the younger generations. This is why the team at Prefect Lockers have introduced a new line of educational paints to their range.

Art education is an important sector that enables young children to develop in terms of their creativity and their ability to apply themselves. The use of educational paints enables children to learn via the medium of play and that's something that has a really positive impact in educational circles.

The team at Prefect Equipment have long helped schools, nurseries and other educational institutions to create more practical and functional interiors thanks to the range of cloakroom, classroom and library equipment they supply, but they have seen reason to focus on art education in recent years.

Those within the arts industry have recently come out to back efforts to ensure that the arts don't get left behind amid the cuts, partly because of their cultural significance and partly because of the power of art education in terms of engagement and in terms of the development of creative industries.

The range of educational paints recently introduced to the online store at are designed to make it easier for parents and teachers to introduce children to art education from a young age because they are completely washable. This means they are safe and convenient for use at home and in the classroom.

The new FAS Total Wash paints come in a selection of colours and are guaranteed to wash out of clothing with ease.

Prefect Lockers are leading experts in school supplies and educational equipment. The company is fully accredited by CHAS - the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme that regulates equipment to ensure it is fit for installation.

SOURCE Prefect Equipment