Science Shows that Jews and Palestinians are Siblings!

Jun 28, 2010, 09:28 ET from Raelian Movement

Rael: 'Genetic studies show they're both descendants of the original Jews, and it's time to present this scientific evidence to both populations before it's too late!'

LAS VEGAS, June 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- According to Raelian scientists, two recent genome-wide studies (see references 1 and 2 below) prove Palestinians are genetically as close or closer to any modern Jewish population than those Jewish populations are to each other.

In a previously released statement, Rael said, "Gaza is, in fact, a concentration camp where Jews are prisoners. The terrible difference is that this time, it's not German Nazis who are responsible, but other Jews." "This statement is now fully confirmed by the data published in these two studies," commented Brigitte Boisselier, Ph.D., spokesperson for the International Raelian Movement. "The genetic data is totally consistent with the idea that Palestinians are direct descendants of ancient Jews who never left ancestral lands and later converted to Christianity and Islam (see 3 and 4)."

She said the article authors intended to confirm a common Middle-Eastern ancestry for most worldwide Jewish populations, thus bringing an end to speculation that most modern Jews are descended from converts having no link to ancient Hebrews.

"However, these studies lead to another inescapable conclusion," Boisselier added. "If genetic evidence that all Jewish populations have a common ancestor vindicates Zionist ideas of Jews returning to their ancestral homeland, it also implies that this right of return should apply to all Palestinians, who have to be considered part of the same Jewish/Palestinian people."

She said a more detailed study of the data available to support this conclusion can be found on Boisselier said Rael has long claimed that the Jewish-Palestinian conflict is one of fratricide and that he has hoped for scientific evidence that could help both sides realize they are really fighting their own blood kin.

"It's urgent to inform both populations about this new, irrefutable genetic evidence that the prisoners of Gaza are of true Jewish descent," she said.

Boisselier pointed out that Raelians with Jewish and Palestinian origins in Israel and Palestine are regularly meditating together before publicly spreading the news about their common Jewish ancestors. "This is obviously not enough, since the people there are facing a state of emergency with more violence every day," she said, adding that Raelians are launching a worldwide action toward all Jewish and Palestinian communities "to ensure they don't ignore the real evidence of these recent genetic studies."

"Absorbing the meaning of this evidence is probably the only chance for Israel to survive," said Raelian Guide Damien Marsic, Ph.D., who drew the common ancestor conclusion from the scientific reports. "This is a fantastic opportunity for Israel to correct its mistakes and become a beacon of hope for the rest of mankind, as Rael has asked."

Marsic also commented on the most common argument critics use against Rael's proposed one-state solution for the Middle East. In Rael's vision, Palestinians and Jews would live together and share common resources.

"The critics' argument is that Israeli Jews wouldn't be able accept becoming a minority," Marsic said. "But that becomes a non-issue when you realize that Jews and Palestinians are actually the same people, as genetic research confirms."

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SOURCE Raelian Movement