ScienceOpen Hits the 10 Million Article Mark

First step towards an open citation database for researchers of all disciplines worldwide

Sep 15, 2015, 09:00 ET from ScienceOpen GmbH

BERLIN and BOSTON, September 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

ScienceOpen, the research + open access publishing network, has added article records from more than 10 million scientific publications. Researchers can now filter published content by the number of citations and monitor the relevance and impact of recent scientific results by tracking social media mentions.

Over 20,000 scholarly journals are currently published worldwide. At this volume, researchers need a reliable overview of trends in their discipline. ScienceOpen has exponentially grown its database to allow scientists to more easily navigate, search and comment on scientific articles. To enhance discoverability, each research article page provides recommendations for related articles regardless of publisher. This function has long been common to consumer platforms but ScienceOpen is one of the first to bring this feature to the research community. The new ScienceOpen release is the next step in creating an independent, open database which contains references and citation information for current global research in all disciplines.

The citation count of an article helps to quantify the influence of research and those who performed it. To support search and discovery, ScienceOpen has begun building the first openly and freely available citation index. This was achieved by tracking the references of the nearly 2 million Open Access articles on the site. The new release of the ScienceOpen platform displays the relative citation count, all the citing articles, and their own citations. Researchers can now filter all content based on a wide range of options including citations, journal, publisher, date and other bibliometric data. Moreover, scientists can track in real time the social media coverage of articles in Twitter, Google+, Mendeley and other social networks.

According to co-founder Tibor Tscheke: "ScienceOpen has always had three roles: as a publisher, a peer-review reformer and a content aggregator. It is in the latter regard that we have recently directed our energy and resources. I have always believed that it will only be possible to unlock the true promise of knowledge when it is all openly available on a single platform. Although there are still undoubtedly many hurdles left to clear before this vision is realized, not least of which is traditional publisher copyright which is currently being challenged by the sharing economy, this latest release gives us a tantalizing glimpse of what the future could look like."

Alexander Grossmann, President and Co-Founder of ScienceOpen emphasizes that "as a researcher I believe that research will gradually become more open and that the future of scholarly communication lies beyond the journal. It is our vision that ScienceOpen will be one of the first websites that is positioned to encourage the adoption of text mining and other indexing tools."

Keeping the goal of making faster progress towards solving some of the world's most intractable issues in mind, the team of ScienceOpen is confident that the new release will help to explore connections within the vast stockpile of international scientific literature. Within the next few months, ScienceOpen will continue to add further article records to the site to expand the completeness of its content and further enhance the quality of citation indexing.

About ScienceOpen: ScienceOpen was founded in 2013 in Berlin and Boston by Alexander Grossmann and Tibor Tscheke. See site for further information or email Liz Allen, VP Marketing to arrange an interview.

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