Scientists and Stars Agree: Ab Circle Pro Scores Well With Both

Jun 24, 2010, 16:58 ET from Fitness Brands, Inc.

AUSTIN, Texas, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- As recently reported by Us Magazine and others, Jennifer Love Hewitt, star of TV's Ghost Whisperer, is enjoying her new trim figure.  "I just got this machine called the Ab Circle Pro -- I ordered it off TV, and I love it!" the 31-year-old star says about the fitness machine that helped her get her flat belly and maintain her weight loss.  She adds: "It's amazing. It's probably my best secret!"



A test recently conducted at Eastern Illinois University by graduate student Maranda Rehg, along with two assistant professors, also gave favorable marks to the Ab Circle Pro.  The study measured the effectives of the Ab Circle Pro when compared to the activation of specific core muscles during traditional exercises.  Caloric expenditure during treadmill walking vs. exercising on the Ab Circle Pro was also investigated with the 12 test subjects.

As reported in the Studies for a Better World supplement to the Journal Gazette & Times Courier, "the researchers found that the Ab Circle produced equal or superior muscle activity vs. the crunch, side bridge and quadruped.  The Ab Circle provided a highly efficient workout that addressed all core muscles simultaneously."  It also determined that an equal number of calories were expended when compared to treadmill walking.  As summarized by the article, "the Ab Circle provided an efficient combination of muscle conditioning, and calorie-burning benefits all in one machine."

Personally conducted reviews have also proven favorable.  In Maxim's Grooming Guide by William Buckley, he agreed that if your core is what you are focusing on, the Ab Circle Pro does just that.  "This sets it apart from other cardio exercise like running or biking ... " he noted.  "We noticed a definite increase in definition after 2-3 weeks using the Ab Circle Pro 5 times a week for 30 minutes a day."

"Although we conducted our own extensive tests prior to marketing the Ab Circle Pro, it's always great to have independent confirmation that we are providing a quality product and experience for our customers," explained Fitness Brands CEO Michael Casey.

More than a million people worldwide are currently benefiting from the patented side flexion movement that is exclusive to the Ab Circle Pro, which has recently been joined by the Ab Circle Pro Mini.  Additional information can be found at

SOURCE Fitness Brands, Inc.