Scio Diamond Technology Corporation's Information To Be Available Through Standard & Poor's Market Access Program

Oct 03, 2011, 08:30 ET from Scio Diamond

GREER, SC, Oct. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ - Scio Diamond Technology Corporation (OTC:BB: SCIO) is pleased to announce that the Editorial Board of Standard and Poor's ("S&P") has approved Scio Diamond Technology Corporation for their Corporation Records Market Access Program. Standard & Poor's Corporation Records is considered the premier source for information on U.S. and international public companies by investors and compliance professionals. As part of the approval, SCIO's corporate profile has recently been published in the Daily News Section of S&P's Corporation Records, a recognized securities manual for secondary trading in 38 States under the Blue Sky Laws.

Joseph Lancia, CEO of Scio Diamond Technology "Now that Scio has met the state-level "Blue Sky" statutes, its securities can be recommended to investors in those jurisdictions. Through Standard and Poor's program, Scio's company information, including its business operations, share price, dividend history, shares outstanding, financial position, and earnings, will be broadly disseminated through S&P's MarketScope, Advisor Insight and Stock Guide Database distribution channels."

About Scio Diamond Corporation is based in Greer, South Carolina. Scio Diamond employs a chemical deposition process to produce high-quality, single-crystal diamonds. Our diamond materials are grown in a controlled laboratory setting. As such, we refer to our laboratory grown diamonds as "cultured" diamonds.

Scio cultured diamonds have the identical chemical, physical and optical properties as any diamond found in the earth. Through our highly controlled manufacturing process we are able to produce very high-quality, high-purity, single-crystal colorless, near colorless and fancy colored diamond.

Our technology will permit us to produce cultured diamond in size, color, and quality combinations that are rare, if at all present in nature. Our cultured diamonds are now being offered in limited quantities as jewelry and in the technology arena as the material operating system of the future.

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