SCM World Release Chief Supply Chain Officer Report 2010: Elevation of Supply Chain to the C-Suite Sighted as Critical Step to Achieve Best-in-Class Global Operations

Jun 15, 2010, 07:38 ET from SCM World

LONDON, June 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- SCM World (a RaptureWorld Company) today released the 2010 Chief Supply Chain Officer Report - a survey of 400 senior global supply chain and procurement executives. The report has been designed and developed to draw out critical insights that drive C-level supply chain executives in 2010 and beyond. With such a rapidly shifting macro economic climate, the report uncovers how companies are re-defining the role of the supply chain officer, and in turn how those executives are positioning their organizations to remain competitive in an increasingly globalized and complex operating environment.

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Key Findings:

Technology Investment to increase in 2010: 49% of respondents say that they will increase investment in supply chain related technology this year.

Responding to customer and demand volatility crucial: 54% of respondents site this as the number one issue driving the focus on Supply Chain Management within their organizations

Cost-center to competitive advantage: 31% of overall supply respondents report that their companies still view supply chain management as a cost center, today 33% of C-Level respondents view supply chain management (SCM) as a market strategy differentiator.

Best-in-Class Organization Capabilities: In this study, Best-in-Class firms are 50% more likely than all others to have an executive position with end-to-end SCM responsibility. Even though 81% of Best-in-Class companies report having a centralized supply chain organization, only 34% of these companies have a Chief Supply Chain Officer.

'The results of the SCM World Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) Report are simply fascinating,' said Oliver Sloane, Co-CEO of RaptureWorld. 'It is clearly a fact that the most forward thinking organizations have, or are in the process of, positioning a supply chain role at the very highest level within their company. The centrality of the supply chain to competitive advantage is key, and whilst the tough market conditions of the last 18 months may have changed the emphasis and focus within individual supply chain organizations, they have only served to further cement the significance of the function as a whole to the overall performance of global businesses.' Sloane continued, noting that 'the SCM World CSCO Report is an absolute must-read for global supply chain, procurement and logistics executives, to give a real insight into what your peers are doing to tackle the same challenges you face today.'

Nari Viswanathan, Vice President/Principal Analyst at Aberdeen Group, and the report's primary author said, 'Aberdeen is happy to adopt its proprietary PACE research methodology to develop this important report on behalf of SCM World. Given both the level and volume of executives that we have reached through this survey, the results should stand as a very clear indicator as to the changing role of the supply chain leader and the key priorities and action points to consider.'

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