Scoop6 to hit £3m on Derby day

Jun 03, 2016, 07:57 ET from Betfred

MANCHESTER, England, June 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

The combined totescoop6 pools are expected to swell to £3m on Saturday after the win fund rolled over at Haydock last week.

A victory for Zebedaios in leg five triggered a rollover of £863,974 in the win pool, which has now eluded punters for six weeks.  The bonus pool - last raided almost a year ago in July 2015 - was not played for and stands at £1,660,442.

The total prize fund of £2,524,416 ranks at number nine in the all-time list of Scoop6 rollovers, but will climb three places to number six should the combined pools hit £3m.

Interest in the millionaire-making bet has taken off over the past two weeks, with players investing more than £600,000 on each occasion.  This figure is expected to rise again tomorrow and could hit £1m, giving a win fund of £1.2m and a bonus fund of £1.8m ahead of the opening leg.

To claim the win fund, players will need to solve races split between Epsom and Musselburgh.  With 100 entries spread across the six legs, Betfred make it 11/8 that the win fund will be scooped, while a rollover is odds-on at 4/7.

totepool spokesman Andrew Griffiths said: "This weekend's Scoop6 is going to be colossal.

"Turnover could easily pass the magic million mark and give Derby day punters an incredible £3m prize fund to aim at."

Saturday's totejackpot will be in operation across the first six races at Epsom, with the Investec Derby (4:30 Epsom) selected as the totetrifecta rollover race.

Looking ahead to Royal Ascot, totepool are excited to announce the totescoop6 will be in operation on every day of the Royal meeting.  Any rollovers from next weekend's bet (June 11) will carry over to the opening day of the meeting on Tuesday 14 June.

totescoop6 to be won - Betfred bet: 4/7 No; 11/8 Yes

totescoop6 races - 04/06/2016

Leg 1: 2:00 Epsom

Leg 2: 3:25 Musselburgh

Leg 3: 3:45 Epsom

Leg 4: 4:30 Epsom

Leg 5: 5:15 Epsom

Leg 6: 5:50 Epsom

totescoop6 rollovers - 04/06/2016

Win: £863,974

Bonus: £1,660,442

Combined: £2,524,416

totejackpot - 04/06/2016

Leg 1: 2:00 Epsom

Leg 2: 2:35 Epsom

Leg 3: 3:10 Epsom

Leg 4: 3:45 Epsom

Leg 5: 4:30 Epsom

Leg 6: 5:15 Epsom

totetrifecta rollover race - 04/06/2016

4:30 Epsom

totejackpot - 05/06/2016

Leg 1: 1:50 Goodwood

Leg 2: 2:20 Goodwood

Leg 3: 2:55 Goodwood

Leg 4: 3:30 Goodwood

Leg 5: 4:00 Goodwood

Leg 6: 4:35 Goodwood

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