Scott O'Grady, Deputy Director of Strong America Now, to Speak at Iowa Republican Convention

Jun 23, 2010, 17:09 ET from Strong America Now

DALLAS, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- On Saturday, June 26th, 2010, Strong America Now, a sponsor of the Iowa Republican Convention, will be on hand to enlist and educate attendees about the importance of reducing government waste and why it matters to their livelihood.

Former Air Force Fighter Pilot and Deputy Director of Strong America Now, Scott O'Grady, will share his inspirational story of survival behind enemy lines in Bosnia as well as the vital importance of reigning in out of control government spending. "Outside of Al Qaeda, I view the greatest threat to our freedoms as wasteful Washington spending. We have $13 trillion of national debt and record deficits for years to come. This is a real threat to our quality of life," said O'Grady.

Strong America Now believes that federal spending must be reigned in and we have the only proven method to do it.  Mike George, Founder of Strong America Now, is one of the world's leading experts on reducing the costs associated with business and government processes. "I want to take a moment to congratulate the convention and to thank everyone for letting us be a part of this vital group of people who are dedicated to making a real difference in this country and fighting for our economic freedom. I urge each one of you to get in the game and educate yourself on this urgent matter that is facing our country," said George.

Mr. George's former company, the George Group, was the prime contractor assisting the U.S. Army to reduce their waste, which has already resulted in a savings of several billion dollars per-year. That same method, when applied across the entire federal government, would result in cost- cutting of 1.5 trillion dollars per-year. Mr. George is the creator of the Lean Six Sigma method and author of seven books on cost reduction and quality of improvement.

Strong America Now is dedicated and passionate about reducing the cost of government spending. Their goal is to reach every attendee at the convention and equip them with information and encourage them to spread the word about Strong America Now.

Strong America Now is a grass roots advocacy organization dedicated to enlisting citizens and explaining how financial spending can be reduced, the deficit eliminated and the budget balanced. Strong America Now believes they have the only proven method that will work across the aisle. The federal budget is not a Republican or Democrat issue, it is an American issue. Visit the website at

SOURCE Strong America Now