Scottsdale Weight Loss physicians address most common New Years Weight Loss mistakes

Jan 15, 2013, 17:01 ET from Scottsdale Weight Loss Center

PHOENIX, Jan. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- January marks the beginning of the weight loss season.  New Years resolutions abound. Intentions are great.   


A weight loss success, Dan Smith, found the tools that helped him lose 90 pounds and keep them off.  Through a combination of physician prescribed meal replacements, appetite suppressants, exercise, and support, Smith was able to make changes he could not have done on his own.  According to Smith, "Besides the dramatic weight loss I have experienced on this program, the greatest effect is the knowledge that I have learned from the classes that I have taken."  Self-help diets lack this support.

The physicians at Scottsdale Weight Loss offer some tips to help Arizonans make this effort count.  Obesity Medicine Physician, Craig Primack, MD reports, "People are unfortunately drawn to fad diets like HCG, where they are put on 500 calories.  You just can't live on a couple of chicken breasts, an apple and a cracker."  Weight Loss Specialist Robert Ziltzer, MD notes, "This is a time of year when people sign up for gym memberships in hopes of dropping weight.  It's nearly impossible to lose weight from exercise alone.  It's cutting calories that matters."

The physicians find that by March, most people, dieting on their own, have given up going to the gym and abandoned impossible to follow diets.  For Dan, seeing a weight loss physician made the difference. "I have received so much information from the professionals that I no longer crave the "unwanted" foods that I used to crave and I've gotten very good at learning how to control portion sizes, which is something I never got from ANY other diet."

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