Scribl Expands Distribution and CrowdPricing Reach with CrowdPricing Everywhere

Aug 18, 2015, 08:25 ET from

HANOVER, N.H., Aug. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Scribliotech, Inc. (, developer of the CrowdPricing™ system where readers set the prices of ebooks and audiobooks through their purchase choices, announced the launch of CrowdPricing Everywhere™. CrowdPricing Everywhere extends CrowdPricing from to include ebook distribution across most major ebook outlets, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and hundreds of other general and specialty outlets.

Self-publishing authors can now post their books at to reach readers on all major platforms and still gain the benefits of CrowdPricing. Participating authors earn 70% or more of the CrowdPricing price across all outlets. No major outlet pays more than this. Many, like Kindle's KDP, pay less in certain cases.

"For many authors, trying to distribute a book across even a few forums is too much of a hassle," said Lee Higbie, former President of Southwest Writers and one of Scribl's founders. "We're excited to give authors a single place to go for distribution at hundreds of sites. Best of all, authors earn the same or more compared with doing the work themselves."

"CrowdPricing Everywhere gives all the distribution advantage of a traditional publisher, but pays the same rate or better than self-publishing platforms. It's the bridge we indie authors have needed for a very long time," said Evo Terra, President of Scribliotech's business and author of several self-published and professionally published books, including "Podcasting for Dummies" and "The Beer Diet."

CrowdPricing Everywhere also helps readers find CrowdPriced content. Before today, readers needed to visit to find content priced by fellow readers. Now, with distribution at most major outlets, readers can identify CrowdPricing Everywhere books at a glance by the familiar orange cover extension bearing the company's $CP mark.

"We've taken another step toward ensuring readers find books they want at prices they trust," said Colin Higbie, the company's Chairman. "With prices set by readers with similar preferences, customers feel more comfortable buying."

About (Scribliotech, Inc., is a new digital publisher/distributor and creator of the CrowdPricing™ ($CP) e-commerce business model. CrowdPricing provides order-of-magnitude revenue increase for digital works by independent authors and developers compared with traditional e-stores. is transforming the sale of digital content by providing consumers with the only system that fairly prices content while assuring authors the clearest path to commercial success. Scribliotech also runs for free distribution of serialized audiobook content.