Legal Sea Foods Gets Some Religion In New Ad Campaign

Jul 01, 2015, 10:51 ET from Legal Sea Foods

BOSTON, July 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Lobster, shrimp and oysters may be manna from heaven for seafood worshipers, but if Legal Sea Foods has its way, they'd be elevated to the holy trinity, as the famed Boston-based restaurant preaches the benefits and mouth-watering miracles of "Pescatarianism" in its new ad campaign.

The tongue-in-cheek campaign positions Pescatarianism as an impressive and perhaps more appealing faith than other more established religions.  TV, print and radio ads urge consumers that "It's time to convert, it's time to become Pescatarian" after humorously showing how the Pescatarian way of life trumps many of the famed traditions and miracles proudly worshiped by Catholics, Jews, Presbyterians and others.

In one TV commercial, the voiceover delivers the message: "Moses split the Red Sea.  We split lobster tails and drizzle melted butter on them."  Another spot points out that "In our book, gluttony isn't a sin, it's a commandment," while a third makes an appeal to Presbyterians: "Presbyterians will give you a sermon.  Pescatarians will give you a salmon."

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For print:

The proselytizing Pescatarian campaign will include television and radio commercials, print ads, subway car ads, buttons, bumper stickers ("Salmon Is My Co-Pilot") and even a microsite dedicated to spreading the good word about Pescatarians.

The microsite ( presents a mock serious look at the Pescatarian faith, replete with a list of famed congregants, the Pescatarian creed and a list of houses of worship (e.g. Legal Sea Foods locations)

"We're simply having some fun seeing how the well-known beliefs of some religions and how they stack up against Pescatarianism and its most vocal disciple, Legal Sea Foods," said Roger Berkowitz, president and CEO of Legal Sea Foods.  "We hope people take this campaign in the 'spirit' in which it was created, so to speak."

Pescatarianism is actually the practice of following a diet that includes fish or other seafood.  It is the Legal Sea Foods ad campaign that helps elevate the diet to a higher order.

"Is it a religion?  No. But eating seafood can be a religious experience, and that's good enough for us. To be honest, we'd love for people to suddenly self-identify as 'Pescatarian,' not unlike vegetarian, when it comes to discussing eating habits and preferences.  That would truly be a miracle," said Mr. Berkowitz.

The campaign was created by the company's long-time ad agency, DeVito/Verdi, based in New York.  The work breaks the week of July 6 throughout the Boston area, where Legal Sea Foods has many restaurant locations (including one, appropriately enough, near Providence).  The campaign will run throughout the year.

Legal Sea Foods was founded more than 60 years ago as a small fish market in Inman Square, Cambridge.  Today, President and CEO Roger Berkowitz leads the company toward continued growth and diversification. With 30+ restaurants up and down the East Coast, Legal Sea Foods has earned scores of honors and awards, and proudly carries its well-earned reputation as the nation's finest seafood restaurant. For more information about Legal Sea Foods and its locations, please visit

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