Seabrook House Launches Treatment is Hope

Jun 05, 2012, 12:00 ET from Seabrook House

SEABROOK, N.J., June 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Seabrook House, an internationally recognized inpatient addictions treatment center, recently launched a new project aimed at those suffering from addiction. Called Treatment is Hope, the purpose is for those in recovery to share their stories with those who have yet to seek treatment.


Addiction is a disease that takes a major physical, spiritual and psychological toll on individuals and families, yet countless addicts never seek treatment. By creating a space in which those who've been through treatment can share their experiences through video messages, fears are lessened and a path to recovery is opened.

Treatment is Hope ( is not designed to advertise or endorse any person, agency or treatment center.  It was created and will be maintained only as an altruistic project of Seabrook House. 

Matthew J. Wolf, vice president of business development, borrowed the concept for Treatment is Hope from Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project. Through that site, LGBT adults post videos aimed at LGBT teens who might be experiencing loneliness, alienation and suicidal ideation.

"We're trying to offer a similar message of hope to addicted individuals and their families," Wolf said. "The fear and despair that come with addiction can be overcome when we feel hopeful about how things will turn out. That's what we're trying to offer to addicts – hope."

The goal is to have a large collection of videos on the site, but that can't be accomplished without contributions from those in recovery or their families. Stories of recovery can also be submitted in written form.

If you're in recovery, no matter where you sought treatment, we want to hear your story. Please submit a video at and be part of this project.


Seabrook House is an internationally recognized, private CARF-accredited addiction treatment center with several locations. The main facility is located in Bridgeton, NJ, convenient to Pennsylvania, New York and surrounding states. Our 90-day transitional living facility for men, Seabrook House West, is located in north central Pennsylvania in the town of Westfield. Our 90-day transitional living facility for women, Changes, is located on our main campus. A regional office is located in New York City. Seabrook House has been helping families find the courage to find recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse and other compulsive diseases since 1974.

SOURCE Seabrook House