Seamless Wi-Fi Offload: A Huge Business Opportunity for Mobile Carriers

New White Papers Discuss the "Why" and "How" of Seamless Mobile Data Offload

Mar 19, 2013, 14:35 ET from Aptilo Networks

STOCKHOLM, March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Mobile carriers are struggling to cope with the surge in smartphone traffic while facing increasingly fierce competition. According to Aptilo Networks, the leading provider of mobile data offloading solutions, seamless Wi-Fi offload is the ideal remedy to both problems as carriers can offload 50% or more of their traffic to Wi-Fi, and at the same time offer high-value, convenient new services to stand out in the market.

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The "why" and "how" of seamless Wi-Fi offload are presented in two new white papers from Aptilo. "Seamless Wi-Fi Offload: A Business Opportunity Today" provides a top-level overview of the benefits of mobile data offloading. It outlines the opportunities for mobile operators who invest in a carrier-class Wi-Fi solution that delivers an exceptional user experience.

Providing that outstanding user experience can set a mobile operator apart from competitors. Seamless Wi-Fi allows users to move from the 3G/LTE network to Wi-Fi without any interaction whatsoever with their mobile devices - an invisible handoff.

The white paper "Seamless Wi-Fi Offload: From Vision to Reality" discusses the "how" of Wi-Fi offload. It details the many options for Wi-Fi offload today as well as the future developments and phases for offloading. The paper also discusses how seamless Wi-Fi offload requires specific service management support as well as EAP-SIM authentication, which maximizes security by authenticating users via the SIM card in their mobile device. In this manner the Wi-Fi network becomes as secure as the mobile network.

"Seamless Wi-Fi is an enormous business opportunity for mobile operators because most smartphones already support it. This is why seamless Wi-Fi will go mass market," said Claus Hetting, independent analyst and consultant and author of the white papers.

Wi-Fi is typically much less costly to build than cellular networks, and mobile carriers can reduce investment in expensive frequencies requiring government licenses. Additionally, they can grow their business by offering Wi-Fi services to the expanding ecosystem of Wi-Fi enabled devices such as tablets, computers, gaming devices and more. And there are billions of those in the market already, Hetting says.

"There's no better way for mobile carriers to reduce costs while offering a service that millions or perhaps billions of users really want. In many ways it's a no-brainer, and the technology is already here. Embracing Wi-Fi will reduce the risk of disruption, which is a challenge that mobile carriers are facing now," said Hetting.

"There's been a significant shift in the wireless arena, in which users expect the same data download speeds that they enjoy at home, but from anywhere, anytime, and this has put a burden on mobile operators," said Johan Terve, VP Marketing, Aptilo Networks.  "Seamless Wi-Fi offload not only alleviates this issue for mobile operators, but presents a significant business opportunity for them to generate revenue and build customer loyalty."  

The white papers are available free on the Aptilo Website:

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