Seasoned Biotech Entrepreneur, Mark Ahn, Offers Tech and Business Trends That Will Make a Global Impact

Jan 26, 2015, 14:02 ET from Mark Ahn, Ph.D.

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Mark Ahn has recently released tech trends he foresees will make an impact on the world. During Mark Ahn's successful career in startups and large multinationals, he discovered a variety of technological advances designed to create global solutions.

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Here are Mark Ahn's top tech trends that will make a global impact:

Caring comes first. Tech innovation and entrepreneurship has evolved. At its fundamental core, being an entrepreneur is about caring and meeting unmet needs. Ideas, innovation, and eventual success bud and grow from caring about things at both a local and global capacity, as small as food planning to problems as big as climate change and global warming. "If one does not base their endeavors on the foundation of caring, there really is no foundation at all," Mark Ahn explained. Mark Ahn went on to say, "One cannot succeed in innovating the biopharmaceutical industry, or any industry, if they do not care about the individuals their efforts will eventually help." Despite the latest trends or business fads, philanthropy is a timeless idea. Emphasis on caring and values has remained remarkably stable across generations and even centuries and are now incorporated into business strategies. Lessons gleaned from The Aeneid are just a valuable as those you would learn in any top MBA program.

New approaches to old problems. Innovators are looking at global issues at a macro level to identify problems in agriculture, functional foods and climate change. The use of smart technology is being utilized to increase the amount of productivity and sustainability among farmers and environmentalists. An example of this is a continued focus on water utilization. In 2015, there will be new technologies for drought resistant crops and water conservation. Technological advances will continue to impact solutions for renewable energy, alternative power sources and conservation.

Don't underestimate the little guys. We will see a greater impact by small companies. "In the next year, we will see many of our world's problems solved by nimble, small entrepreneurial organizations," Mark Ahn said. Changing the world is a huge responsibility, a responsibility that future entrepreneurs must be ready to face head-on without fear. Entrepreneurs must also be ready to potentially fail and be unafraid of starting the process from scratch all over again. According to Mark Ahn's research, integrity–the steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code–is the most important leadership value to entrepreneurs irrespective of generation. In fact, a lack of integrity dilutes the value of institutions and renders them ineffective.

About Mark Ahn, Ph.D.

Mark Ahn, Ph.D. is a founding Principal of Pukana Partners, a strategic consultancy for life science companies. During his twenty year career, Mark Ahn has held leadership positions in both small and large biopharmaceutical companies and throughout academia, and is the author of over 50 peer reviewed journal articles and books.



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