Seattle has a new little mermaid --- and her grandmother is from Denmark

"All the Mermaids in the Sea: the Lost Journals of the Little Mermaid is a remarkably lovely tale that pays homage to and expands the kingdom of Denmark's beloved Little Mermaid. Robert W. Cabell has created an epic new world of mermaid adventures that will bring every child sweet dreams and every grown-up secret smiles. A unique fairy tale!" - H.H. Prince Waldemar zu Schaumburg-Lippe, Cousin of H. M. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

Sep 28, 2012, 06:30 ET from Gazebo Books Publishing

RENTON, Wash., Sept. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- All the Mermaids in the Sea, by Robert W. Cabell, is a new release from Gazebo Books Publishing,  The first book in Cabell's trilogy from his Mermaid Kingdom series of books for children and adults, All the Mermaids in the Sea is a romantic fantasy adventure of three generations of mermaids.


Denmark's King Valdemar I, was a young prince when he was washed overboard in a violent storm.  His life was saved, but his heart was lost, to Poseidon's youngest daughter, Helmi.  Bound by duty he returns to the world of men to spare his kingdom from the ravages of war.  Twenty-five years later, he faked his death and returned to her in the sea. 

Their daughter, Miranda, protected their realm from the ravages of two world wars and then met her own true love, Halder, a marine biologist.  On the day of their daughter's birth, Miranda and Halder were mysteriously killed along the Seattle waterfront, but their child survived.  Adopted by a loving couple, she was named for the lavender pearl found around her neck --- the only clue to her real identity.

Pearl visits Dolphin Quest on her thirteenth birthday and as she swims with the dolphins, she magically transforms into a mermaid.  During her journey through the depths of the ocean, Pearl eludes scientists, bounty hunters, and the US Navy. Along the way she learns her parents were murdered and that her grandmother is the immortal Little Mermaid. 

The stories of Helmi, Miranda, and Pearl are woven together in a sweeping epic of romance and adventure, with a dazzling conclusion that changes the fate of mankind.

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