Seattle-Specific Textable Icons by Lango Now Available to Seattle Smartphone Users

iPhone & Android App Offers Seattleites Location and Culture Specific Icons to Spark Conversation Across Messaging and Social Platforms

Apr 23, 2013, 11:00 ET from Lango

SEATTLE, April 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Lango, the platform for self-expression and creative communication, today announced the launch of visual messaging icons created specifically for Seattle area iPhone and Android users. Lango empowers texting with daily content based on the latest and greatest news, celebrity gossip, entertainment and social trends—and now users can share Seattle "spark" and "flair" across their mobile and social networks.

Lango enables users to emphasize feelings and expressions, and summarize the idea they are trying to share with one image. In addition to providing relevant, textable images, the Lango app supports 'meme' like social sharing, giving users the freedom to make social commentary on Facebook and Twitter. Its proprietary "Essence Engine" continuously proposes customized images to personalize each message, eliminating the need for lengthy search within a large, unsorted collection of images.

"The way Seattleites communicate will naturally differ from communication taking place in the Eastern U.S., or another geographical area of the country," said Jen Grenz, VP of Mobile, Lango. "We're giving each Lango user a unique way to express his or her opinion and thoughts clearly with an image. Icons specifically designed to depict local culture and trends play a large role in unique communication."

Lango is the first company to summarize daily happenings, social communication and culture by transforming them into relevant textable images. The Lango Seattle Pack includes images depicting coffee drinkers, Pike's Place, grunge and the Space Needle. Lango does not tell Seattleites what to say, but instead provides a way for them to express emotion and humor in peer-to-peer texting and across social media networks.

Now users can "spark" up the words in their text message by choosing an image that references their own town. And users who are looking to add some "flair" to their texting and social sharing can choose a background or insert their own photo and write a slogan to express exactly what they mean.

"Messaging is moving away from black and white letters and toward colorful images that let you express where you are, what you're doing and how you feel," said Dr. Udi Graff, Lango's Chairman & CEO. "Our new Seattle images are more than a group of icons that represent Seattle—they actually provide Seattleites the means to talk about their unique culture and spark creative, location-specific conversation within daily communication."

Lango's Seattle Icon Pack is designed to supplement the release of Lango's daily content, and is available for purchase in its in-app virtual store. For simplicity, users can purchase Lango coins in the virtual store to create an endless library of images. Lango's virtual store offers a large variety of themed Premium Packs, including images depicting famed football players as part of the National Football League Player's Association (NFLPA) pack, Gangnam Style, SteamPunk, and many other event-driven exciting visuals and packs.

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Lango—formally Zlango—is the provider of a unique mobile app for visual messaging with dynamic content. Located in the heart of San Francisco, Lango's lead investors are Benchmark and DAG. Lango operates as newspaper editorial—every day releasing fresh visuals that are dynamically updated via the app. Lango is redefining what it means to send a text-message and share images across social media channels. Its quirky and often humorous daily content provide users with the capability to create an endless flow of self-expression. Lango is available for both iPhone and Android.

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