Second Annual New York Forum Founded by Richard Attias to Be Held June 20-21, 2011 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City

2010 Inaugural New York Forum Attended by more than 500 International Business Leaders, Including Carlos Slim, Rupert Murdoch, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Vikram Pandit, James Tisch, Nobel Prize Economist Edmund Phelps, French Minister of Finance Christine Lagarde, sovereign funds from Gulf countries and Asia

Jul 26, 2010, 06:00 ET from The New York Forum

NEW YORK, July 26 /PRNewswire/ -- It was announced today that the Second Annual New York Forum, founded by entrepreneur Richard Attias, will take place June 20 & 21, 2011, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City.

The 2010 Inaugural New York Forum was attended last month by more than 500 international business leaders, entrepreneurs, regulatory officials and academics from more than 35 countries representing all major industries and sectors of the financial community for the purpose of reinventing new business models, stimulating job creation and restoring faith in the international economy.

Contributors at The 2010 Inaugural New York Forum included: Rupert Murdoch, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Shelly Lazarus, Carlos Slim Helu, French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde, Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate in Economy Edmund Phelps and Luis Alberto Moreno from the Inter-American Development Bank.

"The inaugural year of The New York Forum exceeded our expectations," said Richard Attias.  "Next year, we will invite more leaders from emerging economies and young pioneers to continue to develop The New York Forum as an incubator for ideas to be shared and realized through collaboration among today's thought leaders."

Following the 2010 Inaugural New York Forum, Richard Attias  proposed the following actions for consideration by the G20 in Toronto and committed to review progress on the proposals before next February's G20 meeting in France:

Enhance Governance / Rules of the Game

-- Transparency

Establish transparency of regulations to clarify intent and increase predictability

-- Innovation

Create an environment that supports innovation through:

Tax policies that reward creation of sustainable, innovative new enterprises

Novel institutions that help government channel investment and finance to new ventures

A clear and consistent protection of intellectual property rights

-- Free Trade

Refuse protectionism and competitive devaluations as a way out of the current crisis

Explicitly address/manage the risk of increased protectionism as governments (of both emerging and mature economies) are concluding fiscal-stimulus programs and therefore may view protectionist measures as necessary to promote recovery

-- Regulation

Harmonize and stabilize the regulatory environment to encourage investment while reducing systemic risk

Aim to keep regulations stable over long periods of time (3-5 years)

Pursue monetary policies that minimize currency volatility

Establish adaptive and protective regulations for the financial markets.

-- Reinforce

Reinforce regulation to maintain and encourage key sources of capital (e.g., banks and other investors) to focus on enabling sustainable growth of other businesses, not on the creation of speculative financial instruments.

-- Talent

Enact pragmatic immigration policies encouraging diversity and free flow of human capital.

-- Let companies fail!

Allow market forces to act, which will enable stronger, more competitive companies and promote appropriate, not excessive, risk-taking. At the same time ensure that there are retraining and support programs available to employees who need them.

Leadership / Decision Making

-- Transparency and vision

To minimize uncertainty, communicate on the general intent of the G20 through a 3-5 year integrated global roadmap sooner rather than later. Details are important, but the medium-term intent is needed urgently.

-- Human capital

Explicitly upgrade the broader pool of human capital through comprehensive global and national skills audits to understand and uncover hidden pockets of talent.

Urge emerging-market governments to expand their investment in education, particularly for women.

Additional announcements are upcoming regarding The 2011 New York Forum.  For more information about The New York Forum, visit

The New York Forum is a call for action by the business community to reinvigorate the economy and to find new confidence and credibility. Its founder, Richard Attias, designed it to bring together the key actors – leading CEOs, policy makers, thought leaders – at a critical moment to deal with the continuing economic crises.

Richard Attias is founder of The New York Forum, the executive chairman of the Experience Corporation and Chair of the Advisory Board of The Center for Capitalism and Society at Columbia University. He is a former founder and chairman of PublicisLive, and was the producer of the World Economic Forum in Davos for more than fifteen years.  In 2008, Richard founded the Experience Corporation, a strategic communication consulting firm with live-experience production expertise based in New York, with offices in Paris, Dubai, and Jeddah.

SOURCE The New York Forum