Secure America Now Says U.S. Tax Dollars To Fund Radical Islamic Egyptian Government; Money Better Spent In American Schools

Group Expands Million-Dollar Ad Buy Into Ohio With "Empty School Seat" Ad

Oct 15, 2012, 12:08 ET from Secure America Now

NEW YORK, Oct. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Days after the Supreme Spiritual Guide of Egypt's ruling party called for jihad against Israel, Secure America Now, a nonpartisan organization, is asking why almost half-a-billion in U.S. taxpayer dollars is being sent to prop up the Muslim Brotherhood's radical Islamic government in Egypt. 

To put a spotlight on the Obama Administration's continued support of the Muslim Brotherhood, which controls Egypt's government, Secure America Now (SAN) has expanded its issues-advocacy campaign by committing substantial funding for advertising in Ohio.  With the expanded ad buy in Ohio SAN has committed more than $1 million to highlight important U.S. national security issues for American voters.

The Ohio ad highlights how the $450 million could be used to meet the needs of American school children.  Instead, the almost-half-a-billion dollars is going to Egypt as foreign aid. That aid was approved after last month's violent attacks by Egyptian radicals against the U.S. embassy in Cairo.

"American voters in general – but voting Moms in particular – focus their attention on safety and security issues.  Given the current state of affairs in the broader Middle East – anti-American protests in more than 20 countries, destabilized relations with Egypt, due in large part to the national leadership of the radical Muslim Brotherhood party, and Iran's nuclear agenda – Americans can't afford not to be thinking about these national security issues," said Jeri Thompson, a member of SAN's advisory board.  "In these tough economic times, when schools, fire and police departments are making budget cuts, we think voters should know that the Obama Administration is sending our tax dollars to enable hate and anti-American protests in Egypt."     

Recent exclusive polling by Secure America Now and GOP pollster John McLaughlin and Democrat pollster Patrick Caddell, in Ohio indicates overwhelming support for a strong U.S. security policy, and strong opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood. 

The ad began running today, and can be viewed here, and at

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