SecuReach® Systems Delivers a Cloud-Based Healthcare Notification and Appointment Reminder System Improving Efficiency and Patient Care

SecuReach® Systems, recently acquired by SecuReach® Solutions, LLC, provides medical practices, hospitals and healthcare enterprises a secure cloud-based notification, reminder and test result communication and tracking system, increasing patient engagement and efficiency.

Dec 02, 2015, 08:00 ET from SecuReach

BRUNSWICK, Ohio, Dec. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SecuReach® Solutions, LLC, a privately held company based in Smyrna, Georgia, recently acquired SecuReach® Systems. The addition of the patented, cloud-based healthcare communication system to the portfolio of SecuReach Solutions networking, compliance and systems integration services advances the company's goal of serving physicians, care providers and patients while further connecting the industry and empowering better care.

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SecuReach Systems is a proprietary software system that automates, records and tracks voice, text and email messages to patients, including appointment-related and preventative care reminders, post-visit and recall outreach, and reporting of lab and critical test results.

SecuReach provides tools medical practices need to communicate with, attract, and retain patients, and is used by thousands of providers to pro-actively engage patients as active participants in the management of their health and wellness throughout all phases of the care cycle – improving outcomes and closing gaps in care. 

"The SecuReach system fits easily into a practice's workflow and has revolutionized how many medical practices operate," says Diane Turcan, CEO of SecuReach® Solutions, LLC. "SecuReach allows staff to more effectively communicate with patients, reducing phone tag and eliminating the need to leave general messages that trigger a call back to the office. Those using the system have found a 90 percent reduction in no-show appointments and more than 94 percent patient utilization."  

Sending HIPAA compliant, password protected telephone messages is the core operating feature of the SecuReach communication software system. The system allows medical providers to securely notify patients about private health information, encourages patients to book a specific follow up appointment, and provides patients with specific information regarding their diagnostic tests. Patient's appreciate the ease of use, timeliness of response, and the personal touch of hearing diagnostic test results interpreted and explained to them in their physician's own voice. "Our experience with SecuReach has been outstanding, to the point that I really can't imagine running our practice without it," says John Tetris, MD, MatternOhio™ Premier Women's Health.The integrated web-based application allows staff to input private health information in an organized and easy manner. The system then notifies the patient by phone, text or email that they have a new message in their personal voice mailbox. The patient calls the SecuReach toll free number and follows the prompts to securely access their message.

Automatic reminders built into the system send email, text and voice prompts to the patient if they haven't followed through as prescribed or if messages are not retrieved. These exceptions are tracked by SecuReach and displayed on the provider's Daily Dashboard.

"In addition to providing services to medical practices," says SecuReach Solutions Chairman and President, Charles Turcan, "SecuReach is delivering messages to millions of patients, family members and staff in hospitals, ICUs, Long Term Care, Nursing Homes and other medical facilities and clinics nationwide."

SecuReach Systems allows patients to hear messages in their doctor's own voice – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – whenever and wherever is most convenient for the patients. The use of secure voicemail eliminates the potential for misinterpreting written information, and is more personal than a written test summary or information on a digital portal. There is no hardware to buy or dedicated phone lines to install at the medical practice and patients are not required to have a computer or access to the internet to use this technology. A recent survey of US adults by Pew Research Center shows that over 15% of adults and 39% of seniors age 65 and older do not use the internet. [1]

"SecuReach has cut down on our follow-up from approximately 15 percent of our practitioner's time to closer to 5 percent," says Triste Brooks, CEO of PPHD of Greater Northern New Jersey. "This has been an almost $40,000 savings in the first year, not to mention freeing up NP time to provide revenue producing services. In addition, our customer satisfaction has greatly increased."

SecuReach Solutions provides flat rate pricing for SecuReach Systems software license, interface to EHRs, secure, trackable notifications and messages for reminders, referrals, appointments and follow-ups, diagnostic test results, treatment plans, pre and post-surgical coaching, patient outreach and much more.

[1] Source:  Pew Research Center 2000-2015 Study of US Adults

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SecuReach® Solutions, LLC offers proven, integrated and easy-to-use communication services to ensure its customers have the tools they need to attract, engage and retain patients, address payment reform models, and to meet regulatory requirements and national patient safety goals. The company's mission is to improve the delivery of healthcare and the health of patients and communities through creation of a smarter, sustainable healthcare system. SecuReach® Solutions, LLC recently acquired SecuReach Systems, a cloud-based healthcare communications system.

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