SecureAview Peephole Cover Sales Surge 1200% after $55 Million Verdict in Erin Andrew's Hotel Privacy Trial

SecureAview offers hotels the solution to protect guest privacy and reduce liability through their multi-patented tamper-proof peephole covers.

Mar 11, 2016, 14:21 ET from SecureAview


CHICAGO, March 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Amid the $55 million verdict in the Erin Andrew's trial, hotels are scrambling to respond to the jury's message that they need to take guest privacy seriously and implement changes to protect the privacy and safety of their guests. SecureAview ( offers the only tamper proof solution on the market to protect guests safety and privacy. "As first to market in 2009, we designed our peephole cover specifically to address the security concerns at Hotels, while exceeding commercial duty cycle demands of door hardware in the lodging industry. This,  in addition to being the only tamper-proof peephole cover, and the only ADA compliant one has been instrumental in securing our long standing position as the industry leader. And what led to SecureAview's Patented product being specified in all the major hotel's brand standards. It's a no brainer for hotels at less than $0.04 a night." stated Garret Warr, SecureAview co-founder and inventor.

"Consumers are sending the message that they value privacy and expect hotels to take the necessary steps to ensure that there are no future violations," explained Dr. Lauren Labrecque, Associate Professor of Marketing at Loyola University Chicago's Quinlan School of Business. "They have been voicing that privacy is a chief concern for years, but hotel brands have been slow to respond until now. The brands that adopt such measures as installing peephole covers will benefit from improved brand image-- it's a signal to customers that they listen and care-- and the first to adopt will benefit the most as leaders in guest privacy and security." It is no wonder that SecureAview also offers custom branding on its covers.

While other companies market their products as ADA compliant, SecureAview is still the only peephole security cover that meets the DOJ ADA compliance necessary to keep hotel's free of costly sanctions and mandatory replacement.   Our multi-patented tamper-proof design manages to do all this and always remain reliably self-closing, so guests and hotels with SecureAview's commercial grade offering won't be held hostage to chance.

SecureAview tamper proof swing style peephole covers are designed to automatically self-close.  SecureAview is also the only cover to meet ANSI/BHMA requirements for architectural grade door hardware, duty cycles of operation, and finish. This was one of the many important factors that ruled out the use of any plastics, molded parts or press rivets common to other light duty peephole covers that often get stuck in the open position during normal operation. Our commercial grade swing style covers are precision machined of solid metal  to exacting, highly controlled tolerances  and never fail to self close whether it's been cycled once on the first day or millions of times over decades. It is impossible to overstate this features importance in reliably protecting Hotel's guests' privacy.  SecureAview  peephole covers can easily be installed over any existing peephole without having to remove the peephole. The multi patented design allows it to install, function and protect regardless of the state of the peephole.

Hotels and property managers wishing to expediently address these security concerns can purchase directly by contacting with no need or preference to supplier accounts. Visit the SecureAview website for more information on our custom branding and finishing options.

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