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Sep 27, 2012, 16:08 ET from SecureState

CLEVELAND, Sept. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SecureState is excited to announce the sponsorship of the Social Media Security Website & Podcast, and the release of the fourth version of the Facebook Privacy & Security Guide, updated with the latest information on Facebook's privacy and security settings.

Tom Eston, SecureState Profiling Team Manager, created and has hosted and the Facebook Privacy & Security Guide since 2009. The popular Guide has been used by several universities and government agencies as well as regular users of Facebook. The Guide consists of a simple two page handout that walks users through recommended privacy and security settings for their Facebook profile. 

"The guide has been a labor of love but also required frequent updates since Facebook has drastically changed the privacy controls as well as the layout within the Facebook platform over the years," said Eston. "SecureState is now officially sponsoring the guide so that it can be maintained with frequent updates and downloaded and distributed to friends, family and colleagues."

Eston's website features podcasts, videos and presentations given at events such as Black Hat, Shmoocon and DEFCON. The popular podcast hosted on is recorded monthly and co-hosted by Eston and Scott Wright. The 30th podcast episode, has recently been recorded and provides listeners with an overview of ways to select more secure passwords and how technology can help.  

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