Security Experts Make Notification to Clients

The Importance of Rooftop Security as 911 Anniversary Approaches

Aug 02, 2011, 08:37 ET from Security USA, Inc.

NEW YORK, Aug. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Security USA, Inc. a leading protective services company sends out an alert as to the necessity to beef up rooftop security.

Rooftops must be classified as a "Restricted Zone" and there should be limited access only to very authorized personnel because of the sensitive nature of the type of equipment installed there that when compromised can cause mass casualty.  Rooftop access should include securing water tanks and elevator motor rooms with physical locks and the presence of security officer(s).

As we approach the 911 anniversary we must be vigilant in the fact that terrorists are constantly looking for areas where security is lagged or unattended and where such attack can cause maximum human casualty.  Our city rooftops are an area where terrorists can gain access to conduct surveillance before an attack is carried out.  A successful attack in these area(s) would result in maximum casualties.

"We must do whatever is needed to secure our city and its residents," says David Boehm, COO of Security USA, Inc. "We can do so many things to protect our rooftops to include installing roof access hatches, CCTV's and DVR's to monitor movement, security identification systems for access control, physical guards to act as a physical deterrent just to name a few."

In 1993 a NYC Housing Police Officer was struck and killed by a cement bucket thrown by an unauthorized individual on a rooftop.  In Indonesia a female was murdered and dumped into the water tank of an unsecured Housing Development rooftop landing.  As we approach the anniversary of 911 we must not ignore the issue of rooftop security.

SOURCE Security USA, Inc.